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John Franklin

John Franklin biography, done for a class project.

Leela P

on 24 April 2013

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Transcript of John Franklin

John Franklin John Franklin was born on April 16, 1786. He was born in Spilbry, Lincolnshire, England. John Franklin He died on June,11,1847, he was 61 when he died. He died on his last expedition (voyage). The Basic Stuff He was married to Eleanor Anne Porden and had 1 kid. Which was a girl named Eleanor Elizabeth Franklin. They were married for 19 years. He was married twice, his second marrige was to Jane Griffen. The country he explored for was John Franklin explored for Great Britain, (England.) He was sponsored by Queen Victoria and Prince Albert when he went to the Artic. Purpose of exploration Inertesting Picture This is a lead soup can from John Franklins last trip to the Artic. First Expidition John Franklin explored in the Artic.
He was looking for the Northwest
Passage. John Franklin had his first voyage to the Artic in 1818. The point of the mission was to go ahead, in a straight way North. To go past Henry Hudson's old record of 80 degrees latitude. Franklin went under comand of David Buchan. Their ships hit a iceberg just north Spitzbergen island. After they made their boats repairs, they were forced to go home. Second Voyage This was Franklins first voyage under his command. He was sent to Great Slave Lake and Coppermine River. In 1819 to 1822. He was exploring the shores of the Polar Sea. Several of his men quit. So after he left he only had three other officers. When he was at the Polar Sea he spent the first Winter in 2 wooden houses. Third Voyage He went down the Mackenzie River to explore the Polar Sea again. He had better supplies than the last. He explored multiple miles of uncharted coastline. Last Voyage He continued to map out the Artic. This voyage was lead by James Clark Ross, in the year of 1845. This voyage had 133 men. They set off of the Thames. 2 years later his second wife urged the Admiralty to send a search party for the 2 unreported ships. But they didn't send the search party until a year after. They offered a 20 000 euro award. There was one point where there was 10 British ships and 2 American ships heading to the Artic to find him. John Franklin HI John Franklin only had one major accomplishment. It's not really a major accomplishment but its all we could find. He joined the British Royal Navy at age 14. As a Naval Officer. John Franklin John Franklin had one major accomplishment. It's not really a major accomplishment but it's what we found. (At least it's an accomplishment.) He joined the British Royal Navy as a Naval Officer at age 14. PICTURE PAGE John Franklin... more info Hope you enjoy the rest of the video! Hope you enjoyed what we`ve already done. Any questions. Leela, Madison and the so amazing Kassidy! Done By: To map out the Northwest Passage. From Europe to Asia. The purpose of his exploration was... Any Questions.
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