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The Call of the Wild

No description

Darcy Rose

on 2 January 2015

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Transcript of The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild
Main Events By Darcy Adreon
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Buck is taken to the Yukon
Gold is Found in the Yukon
Gold is found in Alaska, sparking the Gold rush to Yukon in the 1890's.

Buck, although unaware of the Gold Rush, is the ideal type of dog to survive in Yukon.

"...thousands of men were rushing into the Northland. These men wanted dogs, and the dogs they wanted were heavy dogs, with strong muscles by which to toil, and furry coats to protect them from the frost."
Buck is a big, strong part-Scotch shepherd, part-St. Bernard who imperiously rules over all the estate. He continues his father's legacy by being loyal to Judge Miller.
Buck is Dog-Napped by Manuel
One day, Buck goes on what he thinks is a walk with Manuel, the gardener's helper, but is choked with a rope and is sold by Manuel for easy money.

That's when his unexpected journey begins...
After he is sold, Buck is taken onto a train. He is livid and
refuses to eat or drink for two days, and even bites one of his handlers. Finally, he is unloaded, and spends the night in a saloon keeper's shed.

He is passed through various people's possession until...
Buck meets the Man in the Red Sweater
Buck is beaten by the Man in the Red Sweater and is taught
primitive law
, a lesson he never forgot.

"He was beaten (he knew that) ; but he was not broken. He saw, once for all, that he stood no chance against a man with a club. He had learned the lesson, and in all his later life he never forgot it."
Buck departs on the Narwhal
Buck is bought by Canadian government workers, Perault and Francois, and they, along with a few other dogs, depart the
from Seattle for the Yukon.
The Law of Club and Fang
Dyea beach is a nightmare. There are both human and dog fights everywhere, and buck is confused by their "savage", uncivilized ways.
Curly is Attacked
Buck's new friend, Curly, is attacked by a husky. Unprepared, she goes down, and all the other dogs jump in and maul her to death. The men try to stop the dogs but they are too late. Buck sees Spitz laugh at Curly's death, and he begins to hate Spitz.
Buck Learns his Way in the Traces
With Dave behind him at the wheel to nip his heels, Spitz in the lead to jerk the traces, and Francois to whip him when he makes a mistake, Buck learned very quickly.
Buck Finds a Spot to Sleep
Buck is confused when it is time to sleep. At home, he slept indoors with the master, but here, when he tries to go into the tent, he is beaten away. Buck finally finds the other dogs sleeping under the snow when he accidentally steps on Billie.
Spitz takes Buck's sleeping spot
Buck finds a nice sleeping hole and settles in. He then goes off to eat, only to find Spitz in his spot when he returns. The two dogs begin to fight...
The Huskies Attack
"The camp was suddenly discovered to be alive with skulking, furry forms-starving huskies, four or five score of them who had scented the camp from some Indian village."

Spitz continues to leap on Buck even though he is fighting off huskies.

Eventually the team ends up hiding in the forest, nursing their wounds, and waiting for Perrault and Francios to come in the morning.
Buck's Mutany
Buck hates Spitz, the leader of the sled team, and he begins turning the other dogs against him. When Spitz tries to punish a dog, he is stopped by Buck.
The End of Spitz
When Spitz steals Buck's kill, it is the last straw. Without warning, Buck springs at Spitz, and they fight. Buck wins by outsmarting Spitz. He fakes high, then hits low, and eventually breaks both of Spitz's legs. When he goes down, Buck steps away and lets the crowd of huskies finish him off. Buck is the champion.
Chapter 3
Throughout this Chapter, the hate between Buck and Spitz increases until the tension is almost unbearable.
Chapter 4
After defeating Spitz, Buck expects to take his place as leader. So when Sol-leks is placed in the lead, Buck is angry. He ends up waiting Perrault and Francois out for an hour until the decide to give Buck a shot.
Buck Pulls the Sled
Buck leads the sled team at record speeds and reaches Skagway in just fourteen days. Perrault, Francois, and the dogs are the talk of the town for two days.
The Team is Sold
Perrault and Francois are re-assigned and Perrault weeps over Buck when he is sold. The team is put to work under the rule of the Scotch Half breed.
Dave's Fight
Dave has an injury on the inside of his body, and he grows too weak to pull. Even though he falls every couple steps, he insists on running until his last day, and even chews through the harness. Eventually he has to be shot.
Chapter 5
The team pulls into Skagway, tired and worn out. They were in a "wretched state". The Scotch half breed promised them at least ten days to rest, eat, heal, and recover before continuing on another journey. Little do they know, everything is about to change...
The Team is S ld
The Scotch Half Breed has more mail to deliver, but Buck and the team are too weak to go on. They end up getting sold for a very cheap price to Hal, Charles, and Mercedes.
Embarking n the Journey
Just by glancing at their camp, Buck can tell that the family has no experience whatsoever. They over pack the sled, and then beat the weak dogs mercilessly until the heavy sled finally moves. The sled then tips over while going around the bend and the angry dogs continue to pull the tipped-over sled all over town.
The Journey
The naive family takes fourteen dogs on the journey and quickly begins to run out of food. The dogs are now near death and they are nothing but skin and bones. One by one, the dogs begin to die.
The End
At the mouth of the White River, the family encounters John Thornton, who warns them that the trail will drop out.
The family decides to go on anyway, but Buck refuses to move. Thornton cuts him out of the traces and he and Buck both watch as the family and dogs plunge into the river, never to be seen again.
Chapter 6
John Thornton doesn't see caring for Buck as a duty, he take care for Buck because he truly loves him. Buck loves Thornton back and never lets him out of his sight.
Buck (Almost) Jumps
One day, as an experiment, John tells Buck to jump off of a cliff, and Buck has to be wrestled to the ground to be stopped from actually doing it. At that point, it is clear that Buck will do anything for Thornton.
Buck Saves Thornton
Thornton's raft capsizes one day and he is pulled under into the raging river. Hans and Pete tie ropes around Buck and with their help, he successfully rescues John.
Buck wins a Bet
When Thornton makes a bet for$1600.00 with Mathewson, Buck successfully breaks out and pulls 1,000 pounds of flour for 100 yards, earning John enough money to pay debts and set out in search of a lost mine.
Chapter 7
The Sounding of the Call
Buck is called more and more to live the life of a wolf.
Finding a camp
Thornton and the crew give up the search for the lost mine when they find a cabin and a creek with lots of gold close together. Buck begins to explore the area where they are camped.
The Call
Buck begins to go into the forest more and more. He meets a "brother wolf", stalks prey, and hunts on his own. He even killed a bull moose and a bear.
Buck returns to camp to find everyone dead and the Yeehats dancing about the wreckage of the camp. Buck, raging over the death of his beloved John Thornton, rips and kills anything in sight, until the camp is empty again.

"...he knew John Thornton was dead. It left a great void in him, somewhat akin to hunger, but a void which ached and ached, and which food could not fill."
The Wild
Since nothing ties him to the domestic world any longer, Buck enters the wild and joins his brother wolf's pack. The Indians call Buck the "Ghost Wolf" because of his swift, cunning ways. Buck is truly king of the wild.
Into The Primitive
Buck arrives at Dyea Beach
The Dominant Primordial Beast
He Who Has Won Mastership
The Toil of Trace and Trail
For the Love of a Man
All pictures taken from Google images
All quotes are from
The Call Of The Wild
by Jack London
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