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Red Cross

No description

sam ert

on 23 July 2015

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Transcript of Red Cross

Facts About Red Cross
Say 'hello' to our project on the Red Cross. For now, all we want you to do is sit, relax, and get ready for awesomeness. Make sure to eat lots of popcorn too!
Red Cross Mission
The Canadian Red Cross mission is to improve the lives of people whom are in need worldwide.

That's why the Canadian Red Cross is out there risking their lives for others [e.g. Red Cross goes to countries who need help, where they could get shot or even killed for helping others].
Closing Remarks
Red Cross
Made Possible By:
Magnificent Maia
Foodland (provided your popcorn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Welcome to the Red Cross
Sad But True

-in 2013 Red Cross volunteers dedicated over 100 000 hours to large disasters
-Over 46 000 Canadians were affected by disaster in 2013.
-Red Cross responded to over 2 300 disasters in 2013 alone.
-Canada helped Haiti in 2010 after the powerful earthquake.
Thanks Again To...
Maia [for all the editing], good job!
Roz(for all the info), good job!
Ansam [for composing the project], good job!
What landed on Laila's balcony at 4:00 am?
Question Time! #1
Thank you all, we hope you enjoyed our presentation. You guys are awesome! Good job, everyone. We hope you enjoyed the popcorn. If you see Foodland, please thank them for the popcorn!
Thank You! We hope you enjoy the other presentations!
Where does Red Cross work?
Some places we collected our info from are....
[where we got the videos ]
Significance between Canada and Red Cross

In What Year Did Madeline Get Cancer?
What Illness Did The Girl Get In The Video?
What Is The Name Of The Girl Who Got Cancer?
More Questions ****
-Canada and Red Cross have worked together since 1896 [119 years]
-The Canadian Red Cross had its real centennial celebration in May 2009.
-Red cross headquarters Ottawa,Ontario

North and South America

Asia Pacific

Europe and Central Asia

Middle East and North Africa
January 21, 2015

There is a mother of four named Laila who now lives with her family in a displacement camp in a city called Latakia in northern Syria.

“We had to flee our home at 4 a.m. on an August morning as a mortar shell landed on our balcony,” Laila said. “I pulled my children out of their beds and ran out. There was no time to collect any of our personal belongings – identity papers, school certificates or winter clothes.”

Thousands of Syrian families are forced from their homes by the ongoing conflict. The lucky ones had time to prepare, leaving with important personal belongings. The unlucky ones, like Laila and her children, left with nothing.
Red Cross
Red Cross is an organization where people aid others in their community and across the world that are in need. It is made up of employees and volunteers who want to impact lives in positive ways.
How does Red Cross Help?
Around the world, Red Cross responds to disasters (natural disasters and conflict), and works on development projects to build strong communities. The Red Cross delivers medicine, food, clothing, water, blankets, and even provides shelter.
Do You Remember?
Now, let's play a game! Here's how it goes; we are going to ask you questions that were answered during our presentation. If you get the answer right, you win a prize!
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