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What is IEEE ?!

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Ahmed kamal

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of What is IEEE ?!

What is IEEE ?!
IEEE Membership
IEEE stands for the institute of electrical and electronics engineers. Its on of the most important organization that works on advancement of technology . It was established since 1963. And it has been founded by professional founders as Thomas Edison. In the following topics we can know about IEEE.
IEEE Membership can provides you as a student with lots of benefits as :
1-Get IEEE Spectrum Magazine that includes latest development in technology.
2-Get discounts for IEEE seminars and workshops
3-Opportunity to become member of specific technology groups such as IEEE Communication Society, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Robotics and Automation society and participate in their activities.
4-you can connect with the largest library in the world and you can get the information that help you in your education and building your career.
There are more than 4600 standards for IEEE as :
1- The blood pressure monitor
2- The automated cars that can drive easily through roads with sensing other cars, without a driver.
3-Hydrogen powered vehicles that use the hydrogen as a fuel.
IEEE have more than 36000 branch over than the world IEEE MUST SB. This branch at first faced many difficulties to be established. but now we have already reached to a higher place in Egypt and region 8. Skillfest this year have been taken the best event in Egypt and that was said by Dr.Ahmed Darwish. In the following words we can know more about its structure.
IT is the committee that provides the branch with the financial support and that will be through sponsorships. and other ways.
HR committee
HR team is responsible for making the database of the branch , interviewing the new recruiters , making evaluation form for every volunteers and responsible for registration through the events.
Media committee
This team is responsible for making the designs of the branch for the events and others. also responsible for photographing and making the promo videos of the events.
Operation committee
This team is responsible for lots of things as:
1- Decoration of hall during the events
2-organizing the events
3-signing the permissions from the educational staff.
4-Try to facilitate the difficulties that faces the volunteers.
Marketing Committee
On campus publicity
that is responsible for representing the ideas of the events and although ieee as an organization.
social media
that is responsible for marketing the ideas online through social networking sites
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