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Hunter Novy

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Relationships

Animalism represents communism. In both communism and animalism, there are no rich, and no poor, everyone is equal, and everyone owns the government.
Mrs. Jones = Tsar's Wife
Mrs. Jones represents the tsar's wife Alexandra because she is married to the tsar.
Mr. Jones = Tsar of Russia, Nicholas
Alexandrovich Romanov

Mr. Jones represents the Tsar of Russia, Nicholas Alexandrovich Romanov. During Nicholas' reign, Russia faced terrible poverty and upheaval. Nicholas was eventually forced from power because of a civil war, similar to Mr. Jones.
Relationships Between "Animal Farm" and the Soviet Union
Mr. Pilkington = Leaders of England
Mr. Pilkington represents no one in particular. He is composite of all the leaders of England.
Animalism = Communism
Foxwood = England
Foxwood represents England. It is a large, neglected, and overrun farm. It is all overgrown by woodland. Similar to Foxwood, England was falling apart.
Mr. Frederick = Adolf Hitler
Mr. Frederick represents Adolf Hitler. They are both tough, shrewd men. Mr. Frederick was said to have flogged an old horse to death, which is a reference to Hitler's euthanasia program.
Pinchfield = Germany
Pinchfield represents Germany. It is small and well kept. In a deal for lumber with Animal Farm, Pinchfield used fake bank-notes. This is similar to the pact Germany made with Russia about non-violence. Germany broke the pact with Operation Barbarossa.
Mr. Whymper = capitalist who did business with the U.S.S.R
Mr. Whymper represents the capitalist people who did business with the Soviet State. He became wealthy off of the dealings.
Napoleon = Joseph Stalin
Napoleon represents Joseph Stalin. He is one of the first leaders of the revolution.When he starts seeing Snowball as a threat, he uses his dogs to get rid of him.

Snowball = Leon Trotsky
Snowball represents Leon Trotsky. He was one of the original revolutionaries. As Napoleon(Stalin) rose to power, Snowball(Trotsky) became one of his biggest enemies. Snowball became exiled from the Animal Farm, similar to the way that Trotsky was. He was expelled from body and mind, and was denounced a traitor.
Old Major = Vladimir Lenin
Old Major represents Vladimir Lenin. They both sparked revolution, but died before they could the results and effects. Lenin transformed Russia into the U.S.S.R, like Old Major transformed the Manor farm into the Animal Farm. Their remains were both displayed to the public.
Squealer = Russian Media
Squealer represents the Russian Media. He spreads Stalin's(Napoleon's) version of the truth to the masses
Boxer and Clover = Working Class
Boxer and Clover represented the working class. They were strong and dedicated workers, but had below average intelligence. The horses were the pigs most faithful disciples. They absorbed what they were told and passed it to other animals by simple arguments.
Mollie = Bourgeoisie
(Middle Class)

Mollie represents the middle class that was never really in favor of revolution. She didn't mind being the human's servant. She missed being pampered
Nine Dogs = military/police
The nine dogs represent the Cheka and the KGB(secret police). They protect Napoleon from a second potential revolution. They also help enforce his decrees.
Jessie and Bluebell = peasants
Jessie and Bluebell represent the peasants who were oppressed and whose children got indoctrinated to become a part of the army
Moses = Russian Orthodox Church
Moses represents the Russian Orthodox Church. He fled shortly after the first revolution, but he came back and stayed by the pigs consent. He never did any work, he only told stories.
Hens = peasant farmers
The hens represent peasant farmers. Napoleon told the hens that they had to give their eggs up. The hen's refused to give their eggs up. They smashed them rather than give them up. The farmers did the same thing when Stalin tried to collectivize their land.
Black Cockerel = trumpeter
The black cockerel represents a trumpeter. This gave Napoleon a feeling of importance and superiority.
Pigeons = spies
The pigeons represent spies. They were sent to stir up rebellion on other farms.
Benjamin = Older population of Russia
Benjamin represents the aged population of Russia.He is cynical about the revolution. His intellect is equal if not greater than the pigs. He never feels the need to get too involved in anything
Muriel = Smart part of the working class
Muriel represents the minority of the working class that can think for themselves. Muriel can decide things for herself. She sees critical and hypocritical problems with the leaders.
The cat = Wealthy people
The cat represents the lazy, wealthy people. She always finds the comfiest spot to sleep. She always disappears when there is work to be done.
The rats = beggars, thieves
The rats represent the beggars and the thieves of the revolution. They couldn't decide whether or not to become comrades with the other animals.
The sheep = masses at large
The sheep represent the masses at large. They are blind, loyal, and have low average intelligence. They are loyal, but they are very easy to control.
Sugar Candy Mountain = Heaven
Sugar Candy Mountain represents Heaven. It is told to have sugar and linseed cake everywhere. The pigs used it as an incentive to get the animals to work harder.
Windmill = Stalin's Five Year Plan
The windmill represents Stalin's Five Year Plan. It was supposed to make everyone's life easier. The first one failed and more just kept getting built.
Battle of Cowshed = The Russian Civil War
The Battle of Cowshed represents Russian Civil War.The farm represented the Red Bolsheviks, and the farmers represented the White Tsarists. The Tsarists wanted to eliminate the Bolsheviks so communism didn't spread.
The Battle of the Windmill = The Battle of Stalingrad
The Battle of the Windmill represents the Battle of Stalingrad during WWII. Germany invaded Russia, but was forced back out.
Orwell, George. Animal Farm. Secker and Warburg, 1995
Animal Farm Flag = Soviet Union Flag
Animal Farm's flag represents the Soviet Union's flag. The hoof and horn of the Animal Farm flag represents the hammer and sickle of the Soviet Union's flag.
Animal Executions = Great Purges
The animal executions represent the Great Purges. From 1936-1938, Stalin killed everybody that he saw as a threat. Napoleon the same thing to animals who had supposedly been in league with Snowball.
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