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Fashion desginer

No description

Frandrika Amos

on 4 October 2012

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Transcript of Fashion desginer

Fashion Desginer
Frandrika Amos
3rd Period fashion designers do alot they study trends , they decide on alot of colors and themes. they sketch alot of things like clothing and footwear.they also sketch accesorries . Nature Of Work Edcuation : the kind of degree they need is a diploma or equivalent .
2 Facts : 1.typically need an bachelor's degree in
fashion desginer
2.Traning : Students must obtain an bachelors degree
or in the arts of a bachelor degree. Education and Tranning the amount of jobs that is held is 75.
the person who is a fashion desginer is Deborah and her fashions are done in Barcelliona .
Joblookout is 0% (little or no charge) Employment and Job Outlook the median salary is :$64,530 per year , and $31,02 per hour . Earning / Salary other information is that most fashion designers work full time and sometimes half.they even work long hours to see or meet the proudtions. and they aslo do sewing . FASHION DESGINER most fashion desginers however,
work for appareal manfactures. The range and salary: it canbe up to $14.400 or $200.000 fashion can be used as style
swag,and and a lot more things. peolpe love fashion because they have there own fashion and /or swag.
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