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Adidas Sweatshops

No description

Assata Berry

on 18 September 2013

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Transcript of Adidas Sweatshops

Adidas Sweatshops
The "Origin"
Adidas is a multinational (involving two or more countries) corporation that manufacture sports wear and accessories such as bags, shirts, watches, eye wear, and much more. Adidas was originally founded in Bavaria, Germany in 1924. Later, in 2006 the company was accused of operating sweatshops in Indonesia. While the Adidas profits 1,185 million, their hard workers only earn 30 dollars a week(Maquila Solitary Network)
Is it Hot, Because I'm Sweating in This Shop?
Sweatshops are not only unfair to
the ones who work there, but it violates
their human rights on so many levels.
These hard workers are exploited because
they are poor, but they are only poor because of
the First and Second World Nations.
This video is going inside the life of a sweatshop worker, and it shows how what the Adidas Corporation are provided is not enough for the workers to survive with basic necessities such as electricity food and water.
These pictures show what sweatshops look like
and what the people do.Most Adidas workers had to be payed the minimum wage of their home country or the new factory wage term which depends on the factory the workers work at.(Pitt News) Some workers work overtime which means they start work at 6:00am until 2:00 am. Normal working hours are from 6:00 am to 12:00 or 1:00 am.
Celebrities Endorsements
Although Adidas uses sweatshops to make there clothing they have gotten celebrities endorsements from many celebrities and athletes. Some include Katy Perry, Derrick Rose, Leo Messi etc. These corporations are trying to trick normal people into being consumers and falling for all the advertisements that the corporations they put up with the celebrities endorsements. Do these celebrities really Know where the products they are endorsing come from?
Adidas A polluting Corporation

Along with many multinational corporations Adidas
has taken advantage of the environment where there factories are set up. One example of this is the Adidas factory in China right next to the China river.
Adidas had been dumping all there waste in the river. Recently in 2011 an environmental group called Greenpeace protested against Adidas and other companies who's factories are located there to stop dumping waste in there lake. As of 2013 the factories have ever so slowly stopped dumping waste in the river.
Adidas vs. The world

Adidas and it's factory workers have never gotten along. This year students and workers have protested against Adidas factories because they did not compensate their workers in Indonesia after many of there factories were audited. With their efforts the students and workers forced Adidas into giving the workers compensations.(USAS)
Adidas "All in" All
All in all Adidas corporation have been a negative effect on the environment, their workers and various other things.Adidas may make amazing products but Adidas moral is hideous. The way they treat there workers is disgusting. The effects on the environment are being closely watched but what about the workers are they also being closely watched? We need more people to stand up to big corporations like Adidas to help their factory workers.
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