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SCS perfect intern

No description

Mary Ann Covey

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of SCS perfect intern

Supplemental Information Other Directors of Counseling Centers
Other Training Directors at Counseling Centers
Facebook/Social Media
Email communications
Previous interns (Counseling Center world is large but connected)
AGAIN - Professionalism We expect nerves
Ability to connect
Professionalism (phone or in person)
Slick is bad (over prepared answers)
Authenticity is good (use of self)
Depth (especially at the multicultural questions)
Awareness of what life long learning even means
Clinical skills and understanding Interview Performance Fit with cohort Self reflective questions - it's not what they say,
it's how they say it.
Looking for the "know it all to weed out".
What is the impression that the staff have,
if they come to an open house?
What kinds of questions do they have?
Would I have a beer with them? Fit with Agency Lots of overlap with "fit with cohort"
Uniqueness of Texas A&M
Future goal of being a life long learner, regardless of setting
Ability to adapt to the many roles of a
counseling center psychologist
Commitment to the profession Texas A&M's Counseling Center's Selection of the Perfect Intern Written Materials Impressions Essays:
Say something about yourself
(Don't bleed)
Don't be a textbook
Sense of wanting life long learning

Letters of Rec:
What aren't you saying?
Don't give a percentage unless has meaning
Red Flags (rigid, judgemental,
not a team player, vague impressions) Facts Importance of A's in Practicum
APA accreditation
Increased prac hours does not equal a better
candidate - our hours have stayed the same
Importance of experience at a counseling center
Need video tape/live experience
Cover letter needs to reflect our site Interview Data
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