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This is one about the book The Watsons Go To Brmingham-1963

Nicholas Castleberry

on 1 March 2010

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Transcript of watson

The Watsons go to birmingham-1963 By. Christopher Paul Curtis Chapter 4 Larry dunn stole kenny's gloves. By Decided to beat up Lary Dunn for stealing his brothers gloves The family cunsults mom about whering so many clothes when they go to school. There mom said that she dont want them to get cold but she dont want them to be the laughing stock of the school. By tells kenny and Joey a lie about the garbage trucks. He said "you wonder why there arent any froze people on the streets right" "well the Garbage truck carry all the people that froze at night. My main character is Byron Traits on By He is protevtive,
a bully,lier,
and he is the
schools big kid. Nicholas Castleberry The Brown bomber Byron Opinians On the chapter.
The chapter was okay but i think it could have been better. Like if kenny would have stayed a bit longer or if it sayed a kid went to the office and by got in troble.
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