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Film Project,599 Hollywood Production Culture

Bo Kwan

on 9 November 2012

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Transcript of Drive

Development Ryan Gosling by James Sallis published in 2005 Adam Siegel Marc E. Platt Neil Marshall Hugh Jackman Hossein Amini Nicolas Winding Refn

Released early via iTunes, the PlayStation Store, and Xbox Live on January 17, 2011 Sept. 25 - 12 Nov. 12, 2010 November 3, 2010 Debut, May 20,2011 Released on DVD and Blu-ray on January 30, 2012; Production AWARDS September 16, 2011, Released in theater.
First day gross: $4,009,445
Opening Weekend: $11,340,461
First week gross: $15,653,375
Widest Release: 2,904 theaters
Close Date: February 9, 2012
Domestic Total Gross: $35,060,689
Foreign: $41,114,477
Worldwide: $76,175,166 Cliff Martinez On iTunes for $9.99, Sept 6th 2011 Release CD on September 27, 2011 davefranklin:
listening to the 'Drive' soundtrack actually makes you 40% cooler than you were before, and as you know I was pretty cool already christinagan:
I'm obsessed with "A Real Hero" by College (featured on the Drive soundtrack). Literally can't stop playing it! Loving the 80s vibe! iheartcarrie Robert Scott:
Driving to work listening to the #Drive movie soundtrack. The music is seriously EPIC- and so is the movie! DeniseMarie13:
Must buy the whole Drive soundtrack for the songs I want. #worthit noreweb Ben Rowe:
Drive: insanely good film. Want to see it again immediately. Elegant, perfectly-paced, slicker than oil soundtrack, visceral. skipped_a_beat:
Just bought the soundtrack to "Drive" ... Incredible. It's an 80's, Tangerine Dream extravaganza. I'm so in love #BestMovieOfTheYear
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