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Science Safety

No description

Priscilla Haskins

on 23 September 2013

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Transcript of Science Safety

Lab Safety!
Safety 1
What to do before starting the experiment!
Accidents that may happen in a lab!
So please offer your attention to my slide-show to learn more interesting facts about Lab Safety. Kick back and RELAX!
Hello. My name is Priscilla Haskins , and I will be teaching you more about Safety in a lab , So you won't have to hurt yourself by anyway that might be dangerous!!
9/ /13

1: Tie up your hair , if you only have long hair.
2: Tie up any lose clothing and big jewelry.
3: Make sure you wear safety goggles and gloves.
4: Don't EVER eat in class or touch anything unless you are instructed too.
5: Never bite your fingernails , never know where they might fall.
6: Always check your equipment before using. And make sure no LEAKS!
7: Make sure you don't keep your mouth open.
8: No sniffing or tasting EVER! Unless told to do so.
9: Never reach over an open flame.
Safety 2
11: Always use Tongs!
10: Make sure your not alone doing the experiment.
Possible Mishaps
1: Chemical reaction in a fire breakouts because of a flammability of the liquids.
2: Chances of the chemical can splash into your eye.
3: The laboratory equipment is made of glass and can easily be broken.
4: If broken glass is on the floor, don't pick it up because you can get cut and get hurt.
5: Dropping glass or plastic that is filled with something on the floor can be really bad.
6: If an accident happen, ALWAYS call your teacher!
7: Holding a test tube without tongs can cause you to melt your gloves or cause a miner or major burn to your skin.
11: Most of Appliance that you have in the lab are electric.
12: Always keep water away from the wires or any electricity that may explode or cause injuries.
Possible Mishaps 2
8: Not wearing goggles and gloves is dangerous and can hurt you.
9: Tasting or smelling the chemical can poison you and probably kill you.
10: What ever you do, do not place
thick-walled glassware, such as filter
flasks, or soft-glass bottles and jars on a
hot plate
1: What do you check before using?
B-Your dog
D-All of above
2: What happens when you don't have goggles and gloves on?
3:What happens when you have chemicals in your eye?
B-Run to the bathroom
C-Find a near eye cleaner or go to the sink
4: What do you use when picking up hot equipment?
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