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Literature Survey

WifiRobocam : A wireless controlled unmanned ground vehicle

Srimukha Karantha

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Literature Survey

WiFi RoboCam
The robot has the following functionalities:
• Controllable via internet from a browser
• Precision control with adjustable motor speeds
• A tillable wireless camera
• Suspended bumper to protect against collisions
• GUI and reprogrammable software
• Large operating range through added antenna’s
• A Robotic Arm to facilitate small works.

RoboCam WiFi Robot
"Anyone can control this robot from any laptop over wifi and internet. This robot can making snapshots and live video streaming, it's also provided with temperature sensor that sends readings every 1 second and the controlling is performed by a software that manages all controlling processes needed"
The most important part of any robotic system.
Resembles the senses of our body.
Continuously monitors different external factors and keeps the system notified about it.
The changes of the system are given as electrical signals to the robotic system.
Operating System: Linux based debian distros, NOOBS.
Desktop manager used are LXDM, lightdm.
GUI in Debian based distros can be obtained by typing STARTX command
Putty is used under windows environment to remotely connect it via SSH on Port no 22.
Putty lands us on Linux terminal with root access.
Browser Used in NOOBS is epiphany-browser.
Literature Survey on WiFi RoboCam
Srimukha Karantha
Rajat Jain
Manan Sheth
Arun Kumar Verma


WiFiRoboCam is a wirelessly controlled robot. This robot uses a usb-camera, various sensors and is controlled with a computer and a Raspberry Pi over WiFi. With WiFi RoBoCam it is possible to drive around the house (or any other place with WiFi) from anywhere on the world while sitting behind the laptop.
It sends movement commands to the WiFi shield through a socket connection. The Raspberry Pi is the processing and controlling board that is used to control the motors, sensors, camera, etc.

Wifi Robot
"Anyone can control this robot from any laptop over wifi and internet. The Programming is done in LabVIEW. The NI Wireless Module with c series module is used to control the robot. The control from computer keyboard is used."
WLAN Robot
"Anyone can control this robot from any laptop over wifi and internet. This robot can making snapshots and live video streaming, it's also provided with robotic arm that performs small taks and the controlling is performed by a software that manages all controlling processes needed"
Detects sound and returns a voltage proportional to the sound level
They generate a very small voltage difference which should be amplified to generate measurable voltage change.
Can be useful for speech and voice recognition.

The most commonly used positioning sensor.
Satellites transmit signals and a receiver on a robot acquires these signals and processes it.
The received data can be used to find the position and velocity of the robot.
Mainly useful for outdoor robots.
Fails for indoor robots.
Bit expensive

Raspberry Pi
Raspberry Pi is a Linux based credit-card sized computer.
Launched in February 2012.
Extensively used in electronics projects and as a PC substitute.
Has ability to interface with sensors, camera, and controllers.
Based on the Broadcom BCM2835 system on a chip (SoC)
SoC includes a 32-bit ARM1176JZFS processor
Clocked at 700MHz, However we can overclock it.
Has a videocore IV GPU.
Powered by a 5V micro USB AC charger.
2 USB Ports, 1 HDMI Port, 1 Ethernet Port(RJ 45),1 AUX, 1 SD card(Where OS is installed),26 GPIO Pins
RAM: 512MB
Raspberry pi
Wi-Fi Module
Types of Sensors used
Gas Sensor
Smoke Detector
Flame Detector
Light Sensor (LDR)
Distance Measuring Sensors
Gas Sensor
It helps to detect the presence of combustible/inflammable gases
Electrochemical Sensor
Infrared Sensor
Semiconductor Sensor
Ultrasonic Sensor
Smoke detector
Detects the presence of smoke, an indication of fire
Ionization type
Photoelectric type
Flame Detector
It detects any flames in vicinity.
UV Sensor
Infrared Sensor
Its resistance varies with the amount of light falling on it.
Can be used widely as a switch, that depends on brightness.
Also known as a Photoresistor.
Distance measuring sensors
Used as distance snsors, commonly known as range sensors.
Ultrasonic Distance Sensors
Infrared Distance Sensors
Laser Range Sensors
Satellites transmit signals and a receiver receives it
by processing of signals, the position/velocity of robot can be manipulated
Detects any kind of sound present in nearby location
Useful for Speech or Voice recognition.
WIFI Module
RTl8192/8188CUS Chipset
Wireless Standards:IEEE 802.11n/g/b
Frequency Band: 2.4GHz
Data Security: 64/128-bit WEP Encryption
Radio Channel: 1 ~ 14 channels
Camera Module
.3 Megapixel camera
Raspberry Pi with an Whezzy Raspbian installed is needed
Software to be used: Motion

Brush-less DC Motor
Can be Customized for Maximum Speed, Winding Current, Shaft Options
NEMA Size 23 BLDC Motors
Winding type: Delta, 4 Poles
Bidirectional control of one DC brush motor
Four communication or control options.
Simple configuration and calibration over USB.
Programming in NI LabVIEW is as easy as drawing bock diagrams
Large range WSN C series Network Gateway device
Cheap design, Stiff chassis, and simple.
Useful Features
Programming in microC Pro and Visual Basic
Simulation using PROTEUS ISIS
Stiff Aluminium Chasisis
CISCO Wifi Router
Rotating wireless camera
Useful Features
Robotic Arm for performing small tasks
Wireless IP camera to monitor/patrol remotely
Stiff design, powerful, Easy to use GUI
Useful Features


Wifi RoboCam can be used as third eye for security purposes in military, in remote areas, hilly areas, highly hot places,etc
• It can also be used to spy on enemy, remote paroling
• It can be helpful in robotics surgery in remote areas
• It can prove it's importance in hazardous places like nuclear reactors where it can be used for surveillance, inspection of radiations and carrying out tasks where humans cant interfere
• It can also be used in agricultural field for continuous monitoring of the developing crops,yield, weed incidence and other vital data for enhancement of production.
• Remote control from Android or IOS smartphone
• Autonomous navigation and exploration
• Mapping and SLAM
• Road Characterization of digital maps

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