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No description

Daisy L

on 26 November 2013

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Transcript of Birthdays

My Birthdays My 10th Birthday My 9th Birthday My 7th Birthday My 8th Birthday 6th Birthday 5th Birthday My 2nd, 3rd, & 4th
Birthdays For my first birthday, I was
also baptized at the same time.
I wore a white dress for church then changed
in to a peach dress for the reception.
I lived in Brooklyn at the time so my parents chose a
backyard party hall at a jewish restaurant.
The place was beautiful. I don't remember anything
but pictures and videos show how
all my family were happy for me.
For my 6th birthday I remember wearing this ugly
lime green dress my aunt had bought me. I hated the dress as soon as my mother showed it to me but i had no other choice.
I remember being mad at the beginning of the party but i eventually got over it as i was having fun with all my little friends. The party was at a spanish restaurant in Westchester Ave. I was surprised with a clown which I had clearly told
my father I didn't want but he still hired it for all the other
annoying little kids. My 7th birthday was at Soundview Park. A large park
where families and friends go each weekend to play sports or just walk around. OR celebrate birthdays. I finally didn't wear those large poofy dresses I wore at my previous birthday partys
since it was in a park. I simply wore jeans and a shirt. What I most enjoyed was the piñata my dad got for me, and so did all
my friends. My 8th birthday was at my uncles
house who offered his house to throw
a birthday party.
I remember inviting a lot of
my 3rd grade classmates and them telling
me how much fun they had.
I had so much fun with
them and my family. For my 9th birthday,I didn't really do a party.
Just a small celebration with some of my family.
I remember getting lot's of money $$$$$$,
That I bought barbie and bratz dolls with. For my 10th Birthday I spent it with my older sisters
at their house, then we went to chuck-e-cheese. My sister gave me 25 balloons attached to my gift,
a Playstation 2. It's one of my favorite
birthdays spent as a child. 1st Birthday 2nd yr. 3rd yr. 4th yr. For my 5th birthday I did it at my living room when I was already living in The Bronx. It was a pretty big living room so we had family and friends over. I remember dancing and getting lot's of gifts, and also wearing my pink dress that I chose for that day and didn't want to ever take off. My 2nd, 3rd, and 4th birthdays
were all small family parties at
my house in Brooklyn, I can only
remember a few things but I
know I had a good time. My 11th Birthday On my 11th birthday I celebrated it in Soundview Park again with all my friends and family. I hated my cake since it had princesses on it and i already felt old for it. But a good thing i remember was that me and my friend had made a dance and performed it in front everyone. Then at night the party continued in my house. My 12th Birthday My 12th birthday was at my house again with all my friends and my family. I got the best gift I could ever have, which till this day I still have, my dog Mimi. She was given to me by my father of course. My 13th Birthday For my 13th birthday
I also celebrated my communion
and confirmation.
It was at a small party hall,
and all my friends and family
shared this special day
with me as always. My 14th Birthday For my 14th birthday I didn't have a
party celebration due to the fact that my
grandmother had recently passed away.
It was the very first year I didn't have
a big celebration with my friends and family
but my dad still bought me a small b-day
cake and my best friend took me out to eat at
a japanese buffet. the lady from the bakery spelled my name wrong My 15th Birthday My 15th birthday was my most favorite birthday.
It was a day full of joy, laugher, tears, and even
frustration. It was my sweet 15, or as us hispanics call it
my "Quinceañera". It was at a large party hall in queens
and it was an amazing experience. I got to share this day with
my closest friends, my family and even strangers, since I met people at my party, there was over 400 guests overall. Everyone complimented me on how beautiful I looked in my red puffy dress, and also said my party was very fun. This is a day I'll never in my life forget, because it was so special. I owe this all to my wonderful loving father. Without him I don't think I would've had so many birthday party experiences, specially my 15. My 16th Birthday My 16th birthday, which was actually this year, It was another of my favorite birthday celebrations.
I was at my best friends house at night and when it hit 12 she surprised me with a small cake with a candle on it. Since my birthday was exactly on a Friday, I celebrated it at a club in Queens where I got to celebrate it with my friends. I was surprised again by another cake, but I was very shy since I got placed in the middle of the dance floor in front of a bunch of unknown faces. But in the bright side I got to meet a lot of people that night that today i'm close to, and I had many people say happy birthday. The next day was a Saturday so I had another celebration with my friends and family at my best friends basement. I had a great 16th Birthday. August 24
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