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Academic sentence and paragraph writing lesson 4

No description

Emily Cave

on 25 January 2013

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Transcript of Academic sentence and paragraph writing lesson 4

Lesson 4
Patterns Academic Paragraphs are Cohesive There are three main patterns writers use to create cohesion. Patterns of Cohesion The Topic is important! Derived Patterns Derived Pattern Derived Pattern The fifth grade class this year has many kinds of thinkers. Siyao is an abstract thinker. Eduardo quietly mulls over all the possibilities. While Pancho thinks out loud. Derived Pattern? 1. Constant

2. Derived

3. Chained In a constant pattern, the topic of each sentence remains the same. In a derived pattern, the topic of each new sentence is derived, or comes from, the one before it. In a chained pattern, the topic of each new sentence comes from the comment of the one before it. Which sentence pairs were constant patterns? Columbus also sought spices. These were valuable to Europeans.

Many Spices could be grown only in distant Asian lands. This made distribution, or the process of moving items to people who wanted them, difficult.

Trade is important in a country's economy. It allows a country to obtain goods and services it cannot produce for itself.

Europeans also had advantages in war. They used gunpowder and sharp steel swords. Topic is related to or derived from the sentences before it. There were explores from England, France, and Holland too. The French were not so eager to leave their farms and towns in France for the hardships of the new world. Geometric shapes have different characteristics. A triangle has three sides. Water becomes ice when it reaches a temperature below 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Ice is both useful and dangerous.
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