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Entity References and Relationships

How to create love and harmony amongst entities of all kinds.

Chris Miller

on 27 August 2014

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Transcript of Entity References and Relationships

History &
Similar Modules
Creating Relationships
Music Site Example
Recipes for love and harmony among entities of all types
Entity Reference and similar modules allow us to create a hierarchy of entities, including nodes, users, files, etc...
Nice UI Tricks
Common patterns for
relationships and references.
Entity Reference supports Views contextual filters (aka arguments), and Views relationships (similar to a database table join).
Views and References
Draggable Views
Management Tabs
Entity Reference Prepopulate
Views and other 'glue' modules enable complex site building without writing code. (Usually)
The concept of references has been evolving since at least Drupal 4.x, starting with CCK
Node and user references
were part of CCK in D4 and D5
Entity Reference in D7
Moved to References in D6
Parent reference on child node.
Easiest UI and views integration.
Child reference on parent node. Good for multi-value.
UI and views are more complicated.
Corresponding Entity Reference module syncs both ways.
Entity Reference
Entity Views Attachment
Entity Reference Prepopulate
Media Element
Entity Views Attachment
Add contextual filters to select nodes based an entity reference field's value, typically specified as part of the view's URL.
Add relationships to display fields that are part of referenced nodes.
Gives control over the admin interface. Selection of fields, etc...
Capable of managing
parent-child relationships
like a nested folder-like structure.
Draggableviews order can be shared among views displays with the identical arguments.
Create a dedicated UI for
managing child entities using views.
Add a contextual filter with a default value provided by content ID.
Set the view path to 'node/%/mytab'
Menu item type = Menu tab
Add entity type validation on contextual filter to control visibility of tab.
A quick demo featuring
Artists, Albums, Tracks
Eases creation of related entity display.
Appears as an extra field
on the node->display page.
Populates reference field from a URL parameter.
Parameter format: ?field_myfield=entityid
Enabled and configured on field settings page.
Entity Reference Cascade Delete

By Chris Miller
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