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Max & Pietro / Are we having a communications technology overkill?

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Max Bersch

on 11 May 2010

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Transcript of Max & Pietro / Are we having a communications technology overkill?

Are we having a communications technology overkill?

By:Maximilian Bersch & Pietro Emiliani 92% of people under 60 years of age have used computers 75 of those have used the internet or sent an email message (67%) 81% of Americans under 60 years of age currently use a computer Facts Concerns on the internet 85% of Americans fear dangerous strangers making contact with their kids.
84% of Americans fear their children seeing innapropriate content.
73% of Americans fear the internet reveales knowledge on how to make bombs. 46% of Americans say computers have given them less free time, 24% say computers have given people more free time and 28% say it hasn't made much of a difference.

Pietro thinks that computers have given people more free time, this is because they can complete their work faster and more effieciently.

Max thinks computers help complete your work faster but once you are on the internet many distractions are available. Opinions Pietro thinks that although there are some risks on the internet the good by far outweighs the bad. If it where not for the internet, information would be much harder to find. Furthermore it makes it easier to communicate to friends/family around the world. finally it uses much less paper than snailmail or books.
Max thinks that the internet is a good invention to communicate around the world. Although there are lots of dangers with chat rooms that let you communicate with strangers (such as Omegle). Another danger of the internet is giving away personal data (such as credit card information and address/name). Pietro thinks that although there are many advances in technology of phones and computers there is no technology "overkill" this is because communications is still basically calling, texting and typing. Max thinks that although there is no technology ovrkill people do use communication technology uselessly and use it when it is not needed. Is there a communications technology overkill? Improvements 95.4 billion was the amount of texts sent in 2008
About 648 million texts a day. What to do to reduce this? To reduce this amount you could ...

Only call people if it is really necessary.
If the people you are calling or texting are walking distance away you could just walk to them and tell them.
Use the letter writing method more often. The total amount of phone calls per day in the US is currently three billion, which is 34722 per second. Pietro thinks that the high amount of texts and phonecalls are helping the economy because consumers are more encouraged to waste money sending useless texts like "LOL" .I also think it's fine if people want to send these texts because it helps the economy and if they enjoy sending these texts then let them send. Max thinks that texting is fine but some people over-use it. He thinks that people that are over-using texts are too dependant on technology and begin to use text language too much even when they are not texting. Texting Overusage Resources http://www.npr.org/programs/specials/poll/technology/
Date and Writer not given

Apr 9 2010, Nichole L.

Sep 22 2008, Marguerite Reardon

October 14 1999, Eric Newburger
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