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Writing Center Director

No description

Abigail Oakley

on 20 April 2015

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Transcript of Writing Center Director

BA, English
MA, English Literature from ASU
Taught & took two classes at ASU to earn his MA.
Faculty at MCC
Tim is a faculty member at MCC and teaches a reduced course load while he manages the writing center.
Teaches FYC, Creative Writing, Persuasive Writing, Developmental Writing and Literature.
Prefers Creative Writing and Persuasive Writing
Working at MCC
Was told ASU no longer had classes for him; the budget was, for the first time, smaller than the previous year.
Worked at MCC tutoring center for less than $6/hour.
Was asked to supervise the writing center for a summer.
Evaluating Faculty
Peer observation
A peer observes one class and turns in a form
Teachers also turn in syllabi
There's a 5 year "Probationary Period" when faculty is new where they are more closely paid attention to.
However, adjunct don't necessarily have the peer observation
Other Projects
Changing competencies for FYC in Maricopa Colleges
Tim works with a team at MCC to prepare for accreditation
MCC is a leader in this & Tim has gone to conferences to speak about it.
Career Trajectory
Faculty Service?
New Curriculum
Writing Center Director
Yes there is a service requirement
Faculty are expected to be on committees.
Minutes are tracked at meetings, but there's no other formal accountability.
New Faculty are required to attend the New Faculty Experience the first year & don't have service until year 2.
Faculty can create new curriculum.
New courses are based on course competencies, and, after approval, the course competencies would be available at any Maricopa College campus for other teachers to use.
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