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Homelessness under the religion of Daoism

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Ryan Kropp

on 14 November 2012

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Transcript of Homelessness under the religion of Daoism

Homelessness under the religion Daoism. By Ryan and Hailey Under the practice of Daoism, the act of being homeless can be solved to help people's chances to not make homelessness as bad as it usually can get, by 3 key things. 1. Their belief of nature will help them protect people from being without a home. For example, if animals, such as a bear, have a home /shelter to live in and a tree has soil to live in for food and water. So if humans are animals and, if animals have a home, humans should have a home and not live homeless. 2. They believe that life is NOT suffering. They believe they might need protection from nature. Though it is not fun to be homeless, the fact of believing in nature will help them in their struggle. As they say, life is not suffering. If you think about it, being homeless without a place to go for shelter, and no food is considered suffering because we need a shelter and food to survive. For example, if there is someone that is homeless and is struggling to find food, they are probably suffering from being hungry and they are without a house. Therefore, they are also very upset and suffering from the cold because they are without a house to keep them warm. Because Daoism says that life isn't suffering, this man would have t be provided with a home to stop the suffering. 3. The "De" of life creates balance in all living things. The "De" is the belief that everybody should have integrity, morality, and virtue. In a situation where you are homeless, it is possible that you jeopardize those qualities. For example, a homeless man may be really hunger. Because he is so hungry, he may decide to steal to survive. Stealing is breaking integrity, ruining his De. To prevent the possible breakage of the belief, providing the man with a home is a good idea.
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