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Edgerank: What You Need to Know

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on 11 June 2013

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Transcript of Edgerank: What You Need to Know

edge-what? EdgeRank: what you need to know edgeRANK: it's the algorithm Facebook uses to determine what appears in your newsfeed doesn't everything
appear in
my newsfeed? hell no. Facebook itself says that only about this many of the status' posted by your friends and the Pages you follow actually appear in your newsfeed 16% so if you run a business Page,
less than 1 in 5 of your fans
see any given status update ! oh, and it's estimated that over 90% of all activity on Facebook happens in the newsfeed. why? why is Facebook doing this to me? because of Your fans are not visiting your Page Facebook knows that we make LOADS of connections with friends and Pages.
And that if we saw every update from all of those connections, Facebook would become unusable. So it assumes we'd rather hear from people and Pages we interact with than those we don't
(which makes sense) enter... how does
it work? EdgeRank attempts to show you the updates (or 'edges') that are most relevant to you.
And it goes a little something like this... ∑ u w d e e e
where e = edge understand? OK, let's take a closer look... U = affinity e how much you care about the person or Page
(gauged by how much you interact) W = weight e what type of content you respond most to
(images, videos, links or text) a picture paints a thousand words = decay e how recent the content was posted ok, so what do I need to do? Here's a clue..... The way to increase EdgeRank and get more of your fans seeing your posts is to
produce good quality content on a regular basis Post informative, educational, quirky
or humorous content that
people are compelled to Engagement Affinity Visibility U e Post a mixture of content
types to appeal to
different people Post regularly.
But not TOO regularly. Work out what's best for your Page to get maximum engagement per post Pictures Links Videos W e Text status' Regular Posts Engagement Visibility D e so it doesn't really matter what people engage in as long as they engage, right? from a pure EdgeRank perspective from a brand perspective but if you don't change brand perception or consumer behaviour the 'Like this if you have feet' type posts do nothing for any brand Being seen is one thing.
But driving marketing value is entirely another #fail crossing the social networks! and finally,
a word about fan acquisition one of the best things you can do for EdgeRank and Facebook success is to attract the RIGHT fans, not just the most fans you can people who have a strong affinity with your brand
people who are interested
people who want to see more and interact { going after numbers is pointless OK? want to know more?
t: +44 (0)1865 882988
www.bottlepr.co.uk the right fans d
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