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The Maze Runner Plot Diagram

No description

Kirsten Horne

on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of The Maze Runner Plot Diagram

Initial Incident
Rising action #1
Rising action #2
Rising action #3
Rising action #4
Rising Action #5
Rising action #6
Rising Action #7
Falling action #1
Falling action #2
Falling Action #3
Thomas is brought up to the glade in a large metal box lift. His memory has been partially wiped. He knows no personal or geographical information. He only knows his name and all other common knowledge. He knows nothing of what is happening to him. When he arrives, a whole bunch of teenage boys are surrounding the opening in which he comes through. They welcome him to the Glade, for his first day in his new home.
'He began his new life standing up, surrounded by cold darkness and stale, dusty air.' Page 1
Thomas suddenly feels safe in the Glade. He feels like he has been there before and that he is at least safe there. He then gets the feeling that he wants to be a runner. He knows deep inside of him that he is meant to be a runner, but everyone tells him he is just silly and if he is really going to be a runner, he has to prove his worth to the keepers. He feels that he belongs in the maze and he would be very helpful in solving it if he could only be a runner. But everyone still thinks he is crazy and they tell him to not get his hopes up because he will never become a runner. Thomas doesn't lose hope though, and he keeps asking to be a runner and trying to show he is worthy of being one.
'Suddenly, the Glade, the walls, the Maze - it all seemed... familiar. Comfortable.' Page 34
Newt wakes Thomas up before everyone else's wake-up. Thomas is taken to the wall by one of the giant doors. Newt brushes away the vines from the wall in a small square area. There is a window there, made of thick glass. They stand and wait, staring through the window. Eventually a weird rainbow of light shines through the glass and a whirring sound is heard. Then the creature comes into view. It is a mess of glistening flesh and metal weapon appendages. The creature is called a Griever by all the Gladers. They can sting you with their metal spikes, and if you get stung, you have to get a special serum that puts you through what the Gladers call 'The Changing'. If you don't get the serum in time, you die. Newt explains why the doors close at night - to keep the Grievers out because they wander the maze during the night. Even after seeing the terrifying Griever, Thomas still knows that deep inside him, he stills wants to be a Runner and he still is meant to be a Runner.
The creature was a horrific mix of animal and machine, and seemed to realize it was being observed, seemed to know what lay inside the walls of the Glade, seemed to want to get inside and feast on human flesh. Thomas felt an icy terror blossom in his chest, expand like a tumor, making it hard to breathe. Page 39
Thomas is taken on a tour of the Glade, led by Alby. Midway through the tour, an alarm goes off. All the Gladers are stunned and/or surprised, but Thomas doesn't know what to think. He want to know what the alarm is for but everyone is rushing to get to the box and find out what is happening, so Thomas loses Alby in the rush. Alby is the leader so he had to get to the box to address every confused Glader. Thomas finds Chuck in the crowd and asks what is going on. Chuck explains how the siren goes off every time a newbie is brought to the Glade which only happens once a month. But it has only been one day since Thomas arrived. Then the news arrives. Not only are there two newbies in one month, but the newbie arriving in the box is a girl! This is the first girl that the Glade has seen in its two years of life. The girl appears to be dead though...until she wakes up to hand Alby a note before going unconscious again. The note reads 'This is the last'. Alby assigns the Medjacks to take care of the girl as she is in a coma and Alby decides to not finish Thomas' tour, as too much has happened in that week.
What do they see down there?
Thomas wondered.
What do they see!
He felt a sliver of muted fear, similar to what he'd experienced that morning when he stepped toward the window to see the Griever.' Page 53
Thomas is taking his lunch break from working a morning at the bloodhouse. He sees one of the Runners coming in through one of the doors way before they usually come in. The Runner seems extremely tired and soon collapses after stopping a few feet from the door. Thomas doesn't know what to do, so he calls for Newt and Alby. Alby finally makes it over to Thomas and the collapsed Runner. The Runner gets up and commands Alby to get him water because he has important new for him. While Alby is gone, Thomas begs to hear the important news because nobody ever tells the newbie anything. The Runner, Minho, couldn't care less if Thomas heard the news or not, but he promised to let Thomas hear the news. When Alby arrived again with Minho's water, Minho told them the news. He had found a dead Griever! Alby acted so surprised that Thomas thought it had never happened before, which it hadn't. So Alby and Minho agree that they will go out the next day and bring back the dead Griever for studying.
'Alby looked like someone had just told him he could grow wings and fly. "Ain't a good time for jokes," he said.' Page 85
Alby and Minho went out to get the dead Griever, but they haven't got back yet and Newt is worried because the doors are going to close soon. Thomas is watching and waiting for them by the door. Finally they come into view, Minho dragging Alby along like Alby is dead. They are progressing slowly and the doors are starting to close. Thomas can't think of anything better to do but go and help Minho carry Alby back to the Glade. But Thomas was told never to go into the Maze because it is extremely dangerous. With a few feet left before the door closes fully for the night, Thomas runs into the Maze to help Minho and Alby, ignoring the #1 rule of the Glade. Overnight in the Maze, nothing appears to happen until Thomas and Minho hear the familiar whirring noise of the Grievers. Minho breaks down then and tells Thomas to run before running away himself. Thomas is left alone with the unconscious Alby and the Griever getting closer. So Thomas takes the vines on the wall and pulls himself and Alby up the wall, fastening Alby high up and he tries to stay as still as possible, but the Griever notices him and starts to climb up the wall, so Thomas runs, but he runs into 3 more Grievers. He decides to just take on the one Griever, and he dodges it. Minho sees this and pulls Thomas into another corridor. They have the Grievers follow them to the Cliff, where they dodge them all, sending the Grievers off the Cliff. They then trudge back to the Glade where the doors are opening and they get Alby down.
'Thomas knew he had no choice. He
Forward. He squeezed past the connecting rods at the last second and stepped into the Maze.' Page 112
After being the first people to survive a night in the Maze, there is a meeting to see if there should be any punishment for Thomas for breaking the rules. The Keepers suggest things like a week or a day in the slammer, or no punishment at all. But Minho thinks otherwise, as he thinks Thomas should replace him as Keeper of the Runners. Everyone thinks that Minho is crazy, but in the end, Thomas' punishment is to spend one day in the slammer before starting training to be a runner. They agreed to not make Thomas Keeper of the Runners, but he could still be a Runner. After the meeting, Gally got so mad, that he stormed out and disappeared for many days, never to be seen again.
'Complete silence filled the room, as if the world had been frozen, and every member of the Council stared at Minho. Thomas sat stunned, waiting for the Runner to say he'd been kidding.' Page 159
The girl, Teresa, has woken up, but when she did, she said that she triggered 'the ending', so the Gladers put her in the slammer. Thomas is hanging out with her, talking about how to solve the Maze so that they can escape when they get the message that someone burned the maps. There is no more code to be found because the maps are gone. But when Thomas confronts Newt and Minho about the how they could have found a code in the maps, Thomas is let in on their little secret. Since Alby had warned them to keep the maps safe, they moved them from the map room to a new location and they just put fake maps in the map room to trick anyone who might harm the maps. So Thomas and Newt gather some Gladers who they can trust and set them to work, finding the letters and words located in the maps when you put them all together. After days and nights of tracing the maps and searching for letters, they finally come up with the code: FLOAT CATCH BLEED DEATH STIFF PUSH. Now all they need is to find the place to enter the code, and so all the Runners search every nook and cranny of the Maze and people search the Glade, but no place is found to enter the code and end the experiment.
'Minho switched on the light, making Thomas squint for a second until his eyes got used to it. Menacing shadows clung to the boxes of weapons scattered across the table and floor, blades and sticks and other nasty-looking devices seeing to wait there, ready to take on a life of their own and kill the first person stupid enough to come close.' Page 272
Gally finally comes back, but only to tell everyone that the Grievers will come and take one person every night until everyone is gone. Nobody believes him, but after a few nights of the Grievers taking one Glader, their opinions start to change. Thomas thinks that the only way to find out where to type in the code, is to get stung by a Griever and go through the Changing. So one night just as the Grievers are leaving with another Glader, Thomas runs after it. He jumps onto one of them and then gets swarmed by three others, getting stung many times. Thomas is then given the Grief Serum. He goes through the Changing for three days, spending each night in the slammer to be kept safe from the Grievers. He finds out a lot during that time. He finds out how the Gladers got their names and other small bits like that. But he also finds out that there is a computer located in the Griever Hole and that is where they must punch in the code. So Thomas calls an emergency meeting to discuss what they should do. In the end, they agree to go out as a giant army and fight the Grievers at the cliff so that they can get into the Griever Hole and enter the code to shut down the experiment.
'Their relentless attack intensified, and Thomas felt pain erupt over every inch of his body - needle like pricks told him he'd succeeded.' Page 295
The Gladers are preparing an attack against the Grievers. Frypan prepared food for all the warriors to take with them overnight and everyone was given some sort of weapon to fight the Grievers with. Some of the Gladers refused to come and fight and so they stayed back at the Glade. The warrior Gladers head out into the Maze, towards the Cliff and the Griever Hole. They gather at an intersection, just before where the Grievers are waiting for them. Thomas, Chuck, and Teresa are the ones who are entering the Griever Hole, while everyone else fights them off and distracts the Grievers. It seems as if the Grievers are just waiting for them to come running, but Alby hopes they are still going by the 1 Glader a day rule and so he sacrifices himself and runs straight into them to be taken. but the Grievers are still ready to fight and take more lives, so the Gladers charge. Thomas, Chuck, and Teresa follow, with the Gladers creating a path for them between the Grievers. They jump into the Griever Hole and search for the computer. Teresa finds it and start to punch in the code while Thomas and Chuck fight off the Grievers that are starting to come down into the hole.
'He saw the pack of Grievers between them and the Cliff, spikes extended, their moist skin pulsing in and out. Waiting, watching.' Page 331
Teresa is almost done typing in the code, but the computer will not let her type in the last word - PUSH. Thomas come over to help her, leaving Chuck all alone to fight the Grievers. But Chuck is the one that notices the button located below the computer. It says 'Kill the Maze' on it. Just then, a Griever grabs Thomas with two of it's instruments. Thomas screams "Push!" and Teresa pushing the button. The Grievers stop dead and shut down. Soon after, some of the warrior Gladers jump down, including Newt and Minho. Only half of the warriors survived, and all the Gladers that stayed at the Glade never came through the Griever Hole after, so there were only about 18 Gladers left. A passage opened up when the Maze was shut down and so the remaining Gladers followed that and at the end of it, they was a slide type thing, covered in an oily substance. They took it one at a time, not being to slow themselves down on it because of the oil. The slide emptied out into a room with one glass wall. Behind the glass wall were people. The Creators.
'Almost at once the Grievers had shut down completely, their instruments sucked back through their blubbery skin, their lights turned off, their inside machines dead quiet.' Page 347
One of the creators comes out to see the remaining Gladers. Soon after she comes out, a teenage boy comes out wearing a hood. Pulling the hood off, the Gladers find out that it is Gally. The Gladers were stirred by seeing the Gally that they hated again and so they got very angry, but the lady told them to calm down because they are safe now. The Gladers demand to know what is going on, but the lady just tells them to let their minds accept what is going on and what the Creators have done for them. Gally is trying to speak, trembling all over, when finally he says that they can control him. Gally then suddenly reached into his pocket and pulled out a long silver dagger. He threw the dagger at Thomas and Thomas couldn't move, he just stood there in shock. But Chuck wanted to save Thomas and so he dove in front with the dagger lodged in his chest. Thomas broke down right then and there, for he had promised to get Chuck home safely and to find his mother. In Chuck's last living moments, he told Thomas to find his mom and tell her... The sentence was never finished and so Thomas snapped and tried to take his anger out on Gally, but Newt and Minho pulled him back. So Thomas went back to Chuck's limp body and cried.
'The blade windmilled, it's every turn visible to Thomas, as if the world had turned to slow motion. As if it did so for the sole purpose of allowing him to feel the terror of seeing such a thing.' Page 355
There is a door on one side of the room with the Creators and it suddenly breaks down, with a whole bunch of police-like people charging into the room, shooting the Creators. They gather up all the Gladers and load them onto a bus. Before Thomas get's on, a crazy old lady grabs his shirt and tells him that they are going to save us from the Flare. She tries to tag along with the remaining Gladers, but the police people send her away. After, they yell at Thomas and Teresa to get on the bus and they try to pull away as quickly as possible. Thomas and the other Gladers were finally safe, on a bus, out of the rain. As the bus is leaving, the lady tries to run ahead of it. The bus speeds up to get out of the area and in doing so, the lady gets run over with a sickening crunch.
'Greasy hair hung down, toughing Thomas, framing a face hidden in shadow. A horrible smell filled his nostrils, like eggs and milk gone rotten. The woman pulled back enough for someone's flashlight to reveal her features - pale, wrinkly skin covered in horrible sores, oozing with pus. Sheer terror filled Thomas, froze him.' Page 362
Thomas and Teresa are sitting near one of the police ladies on the bus, so they decide to question her about what is going on. They soon find out all about the Flare and how it effected every single person and place. A sickness created by horrible solar flares that affects the mind and body. A sickness with it's only cure located in the Andes. But they are separated from the Andes by a vast, deserted area, called The Scorch. The Scorch was the place that was most effected by the Flare. But for now they were partially safe and so the Gladers were taken to a giant room with plenty of real beds for them until they were needed next.
'Thomas almost broke his own advice - questions filled his mind. Horror grew in his heart. He sat and listened as the woman continued.' Page 366
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