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Lacunar Amnesia

No description

Autumn Hardin

on 17 February 2016

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Transcript of Lacunar Amnesia

Lacunar Amnesia
What it is
is the loss of memory about one specific event.
Lucunar- a gap
Amnesia-a partial or total loss of memory
loss of memory
hard to learn new things
seizures and uncoordinated movement
lack of attetion
suffer from depression and anxiety
Treatment options
Simple at home treatments
sleep and rest
eating almonds and apples
Advance treatment
If you were hurt in your past by someone, you will remember who but you will never know why

If you were in a car crash you will remember being in a hospital but you wont know why
Working with an Occupational Theripast( people who work with mental disorders)
Learning various stretegies for organizating inforation
Memory, divides an anchror between the past the present and the future
The Hippocampus is the central holder for memories, if damage was to occur here there would be gaps of memeories missing
Brain Hemorrhage, an escape of reptured blood vessel
Work Cited
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