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Nixon: The Watergate Scandal

This presentation is all about Nixon and the Watergate scandal. It is filled with information on the topic.

Ellen Bruch

on 21 June 2010

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Transcript of Nixon: The Watergate Scandal

Nixon: The Watergate Scandal Siege Mentality- This was the mentality that Nixon had- he felt as if everyone were out to get him. The Huston Plan was an enemy list that Nixon had formed. They were people that he had classified as umsympathetic to his administration. This included people such as Senator Edware Kennedy, Daniel Schorr, who worked for the media, comedian Dick Gregory , and actors Jane Fonda and Steve McQueen. The Plumbers- They were the Whitehouse's unit. They stopped government security leaks. CREEP- They were the Committee to Re-elect the President. They ensured Nixon's victory. John Mitchell was the head of CREEP. They raised money by having a campaign to collect as much money as they could brfore a new law made it necessary to report such contributions. Watergate was an elaborate scheme to wiretrap Democrats and try to compromise them at their convention. Five men were arrested in the act of this crime. Thier money was traced back to CREEP and this linked them to Nixon. Nixon had the option to conceal the incident, and he decided that National Security needed to get involved. Nixon had been involved in the illegal coverup. As the case went on, it was learned that top officials committed perjury, or lied under oath. 1972 Election Republican Party Richard M. Nixon for President Spiro T. Agnew for Vice President Democratic Party George Stanley McGovern for President Thomas Eagleton for Vice President Robert Sargent Shriver for Vice President (replacing Eagleton) Nixon won the election by a landslide.He did so by emphasizing a good economy. He was also re-elected because of his impressive skills in ending the United States' involvement with Vietnam. Nixon gained the ability to have a Slush Fund. This means that he had a budget-within-a-budget. In other words, Nixon had a stash of money with the funds that he already had. Bob Woodward and Carl Bernstein were both associated with the Watergate scandal. They were assigned to report on June 17, 1972 where the Democratic National Convention in D.C. was held- at the Watergate Building. Deep Throat was the name given to Bob Woodward, who was the secret informant. He was involved with the Washington Post, and he provided the secret information to them. This was to help bring down Nixon. Later, this becamse known as the Watergate Scandal. Samuel James Ervin Jr. was a Democratic United States Senator. Archibald Cox Jr. was the first known special prosecutor for the Watergate Scandal. Top Nixon Aids Include: John Dean was part of the WHite House Counsel. He was very involved with the events leading up to the Watergate Scandal. John Ehrlichmanwas part of the White House Counsel and he was the assistant to the President for Domestic Affairs. Harry Robbins Haldeman was an American Political Aide. He also served on the White House Cheif of Staff. He was found guilty for involvement in the Watergate Scandal, and he was charged with obstruction of justice. Alexander Butterfield was the deputy assistant to Richard Nixon. He was a key person in the Watergate Scandal, and he later became the Administrator to the Federal Aviation Administration. He claimed that he had taped everything in the White House. The tapes were made on open-reel recorders. They were made by microphones that were placed randomly around the room. The tapes were subpoenaed because there were few reasons to believe that the tapes existed. The United States Supreme Court ruling for the U.S. v. Nixon case was an 8-0 unanimous ruling.It was important to the later stages of the Watergate Scandal. Nixon had released edited versions of the tapes one month later. The 'Smoking Gun' tape was a tape that was released several days after the Watergate situation itself. Impeachment is a process in which an official is accused of unlawful activity. It can lead to their removal of office. 3 Grounds of Impeachment: Treason- A betrayal of commitment. Betrayal- a violation of social trust. Other higher crimes and misdemeanors- anything that can be worse than treason or betrayal. This involves things like Nixon's Resignation Throughout the time of the accusations, Nixon denied any involvement in the Watergate Scandal. However, after Nixon was told that there were enough votes to remove him, he decided to resign. August 9, 1974. Gerald Ford had issued Proclamation 4311, which was a complete pardon to Nixon. It was a full pardon that cleaned Nixon's slate. Ford explained that he felt it was necessary and in the best interest of the country. It also helped Nixon's family situation.
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