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Pros & Cons of Using Land Resources

Group 1 Class 6

Amaya Grant

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Pros & Cons of Using Land Resources

Pros & Cons of Using Land Resources
Deforestation is the removal of forest, or standing trees, for the conversion of forestland for urban uses, or farmland. One con of deforestation if it messes with the green house affect. Also, it increases erosion and more landslides. But a pro to deforestation is more money and it helps for agricultural growth.
Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological substances from the earth. Pros to mining is the creation of well paying jobs. Also, it leads to infrastructural development. Some cons would include environmental degradation, and the destruction of natural habitats for wild life.
Earth is a wonderful supplier for our needs. It's up to us on how we use them. We could use them for our greed, or only take as much as we need, than restore Earth back to Its formal self.
Earth supports us in many different ways. Some of the ways we use it's land resources benefit us and help It in return. There are also the way we use the land resources that aren't as beneficial.
Areas where trash is buried or stored. Cons would include the pollution of groundwater and the large expense to build and maintain landfills. Also, it creates hazardous waste. The storage of trash and the use of capturing methane gas, to convert to energy, are the pros of this resource.
The replanting of trees, for the ones that where cut down during deforestation is reforestation. It keeps the forest healthy or replace the deforest are.
Reclamation is the process of returning the land to its formal state, or even better looking after mining. This returns the land to a healthy state.
Some people today are more concerned about keeping the land the same, other than using all that it provides. State parks and forests are being kept untouched so millions of people will enjoy them.
The Importance of Land
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