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Xian Yellow River Piano Concerto vs. Cantata

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Naomi Quispe

on 3 December 2012

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Transcript of Xian Yellow River Piano Concerto vs. Cantata

The Song of the Yellow River Boatmen The Yellow River Differences History of 1st movement Melody Cantata = Voices amongst themselves have the melody
Concerto = Piano has melody and the orchestra plays accompaniment Scales Use of chromatic scales in Concerto but not in the Cantata
In Cantata, the orchestra plays secondary role, used only for harmony or supporting the melodic lines --> In Concerto, orchestra plays a more primary role Similarities Same melodic idea
Same programmatic structure
Same tonality
Same intention
Main instruments:
Cantata = Solo Voice & Chorus
Concerto = Piano Melodic similarity Work chant motif Tonality Both the Concerto and the Cantata are based on 8 different pentatonic scales
Pentatonic scales are characteristic of Chinese music Beginning and Ending
Melody lines, orchestration
Use of chromatic and pentatonic scales
Piano Concerto more "adorned" than the original Cantata Cantata Concerto Prologue to 1st movement, invites people to listen
To overcome difficulties, boatmen sing a worker's chant: "Hua you"
This chant creates unity amongst boatmen
Movement starts at 2/4 time = anguished boatmen
Finishes with joy and hope as they reach the banks of the Yellow River Depicts how difficult it is to cross the Yellow River Cantata - Soprano & Alto and Tenor & Bass voices
Piano Concerto - Piano and Orchestra Pentatonic D major: D E F# A B Ending Concerto: ends with three eighth notes, D major
Cantata: ends with 10 more bars, includes extra lyrics Cantata Concerto Prologue to 1st movement, ascending and descending chromatic scales (woodwinds), later seen played by piano
Chromatic scales = fighting waters of the Yellow River
Work chant variation
Climax played in piano solo "cadenza"
Shows the river's vigor
Folk melody = serenity, peacefulness, similarly to the Cantata
Coda is a grand ending, gives boatmen strength to keep going Variation of Melody Worker's chant variation in Concerto, not seen in Cantata Concerto Cantata Concerto
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