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Realcare baby stimulation

No description

Kristina Dibert

on 20 February 2018

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Transcript of Realcare baby stimulation

By: Kristina Dibert
Realcare baby stimulation
Scenario #1:
Cook a healthy, wholesome meal for your family.
I made chicken noodle soup. :)
Scenario #2:
Take a shower with your baby in the room with you.
The first time I did this, Sharquisha didn't cry at all. The second night I had her she started crying during my shower though.
Hailey Louise
I drew the number 2 which meant I had the light african-american baby girl.

I named her Hailey Louise but everyone called her Sharquisha.
Scenario #5:
Your family is coming over this weekend. Clean your house or do a chore to clean up.
I emptied the dishwasher and did some laundry.
After baby:
I was ready to stop waking up in the middle of the night to take care of Sharquisha.
I was going to miss the cute coos and burps.
I was not going to miss the baby screaming at my while I was trying to rock her.
Go grocery shopping for 15 minutes pushing your baby up and down the aisles.
Before Baby:
I was excited about getting the baby
Evelynn was beyond excited
I was preparing myself about having to wake up during the night
I was telling everyone in my family that I was about to have a pretend baby so they shouldn't be concerned if someone told them I had a baby
Scenario #3:
Change your baby's diaper at a gas station and buy some water for her bottle.
Scenario #4:

What did I learn?
It is hard work having to take care of yourself but to also take care of another person.
I am not prepared to have a baby anytime soon, nor do I want one at this time in my life.
I figured out the different cries for the baby. That helped a lot when it came to taking care of her at night.
I do not enjoy waking up in the middle of the night to take care of a baby.
Some boys think it's funny to hit your baby even though you obviously wouldn't do it to a real baby.
I learned that responsible parents need to have knowledge about how to take care of a baby and how to keep it happy and content. Parents also need to know about the harms of taking your baby out into public during flu season or the effects of shaken baby syndrome.
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