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Ninefold - the team

A look at the org structure, positions and team members

Carlie Bretnall

on 28 January 2011

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Transcript of Ninefold - the team

the ninefold team - Jan 2011 It all began with....
an idea, many months of research and these 4 men. so then came... 1. 2. 3. 4. “The four hour, fifty minute, fifty six second man”
Peter James – Managing Director

Peter has been active in the technology and media industries for longer than he’d ever admit. His career spans CEO and board roles with large listed Australian tech companies as well as an investor, board member and advisor with fast moving start-ups. Yet one of his crowning achievements is completing the New York marathon and quoting his time to anyone who’ll listen. His latest fascination is with the power of social media and how it is driving exciting new business models. That and when he can run again... “No, you can’t have the keys to The Beast”
Warren Bain -

Wazza has worked in a variety of technical, management and consulting roles throughout the IT industry – all of which led him inexorably towards the launch of Ninefold. He has an enduring interest in Microsoft Office VBA programming and remains focussed on assisting non-IT people to be more effective. Warren is also a coffee snob, hogging the FourSquare mayorship of too many Sydney cafes. After his wife, Warren’s next love is “The Beast”, a 1996 Honda VFR 750 motorbike, which can be heard (if not seen) making noise on the weekends as he resets his Matrix-themed cached for the geocaching community. “Can’t be done? Let’s have a go!”
Brian Goodman-Jones

Brian most likely grew up dismantling clocks, VCRs and anything else around the home to see how they worked, and what could be done better. Thankfully, these days Brian is more concerned with the design of industry-leading internet infrastructures. Specialising in large-scale outsourcing, managed hosting, telecommunications and software development, Brian has consulted to government and a wide range of industries. Brian is in demand as a speaker at industry conferences on emerging technologies, but secretly harbours a desire to be an artist riding from studio to gallery - Ducati style. “Don’t look down”
Stephen Hickie – Infrastructure Architect

A rock climber who harbours a fear of falling? That sums up Stephen beautifully - it’s just not fun if there isn’t a challenge involved. Stephen has 15 years experience in IT support and development across a wide range of industries, with the last five years devoted to strategy and architecture. But he’s still not satisfied. Stephen is currently studying towards an MBA in IT and Strategy on top of launching Australia’s largest cloud infrastructure with Ninefold. But Stephen does know there are limits, having been forced to give up long board skating after melting the wheels going too fast downhill! 1. 2. 3. 4. The Commercial Manager will drive:
Commercial management
Pricing and margin management
Utilisation and efficiency management
Increase profitability in the short, medium and long term
Financial performance management
Policy and procedure management
A highly automated, process driven, numerate culture
Development of key processes to grow and scale the business Systems Administrator:
This role is responsible for the proper functioning of the EasyHost Cloud on a day-to-day basis, and for the efficient operation of the underlying hypervisor and operating system technologies.

They are accountable for:
• Managing and maintaining the EasyHost computing infrastructure
• Monitoring and reporting on performance and usage
• Providing level 3 support “Work in a capital city and be near the beach?”
Oliver Leach – Sys Admin

Born and bred near London, Oliver eventually wants to travel as many continents and countries as possible. And who would blame him? So his brain melted when he discovered it was possible to mix an urban lifestyle with sun, beaches and the outdoors here in Australia. Oliver soon escaped to Sydney, where he gained strong experience as an infrastructure engineer for legal and insurance firms (we don’t hold either against him - much). Thankfully, he has crossed over from the dark side to help develop something far more exciting for the online community with Ninefold. “I’ll tell you where to stick that apostrophe!”
Jonathan Crossfield – Community Manager

Copywriting, screenwriting, blogging, journalism – if it involves putting words in a row with the occasional punctuation, then Jonathan has most likely given it a bash. As an award winning magazine columnist who has studied and worked with words and communications almost all his life, Jonathan can be a little obsessive over grammar. He has been known to threaten capital punishment for incorrect use. In recent years, he has become a popular speaker and writer on social media, with experience helping businesses communicate better on the interwebs. In between tweeting and scribbling, Jonathan collects rare comics and watches too much Doctor Who. The Community Manager is accountable for:
Frontline contact with prospects and customers
Development and delivery of communication strategies, company brand and community that engage the target audience both online and offline
Assembling the team and processes required to meet the requirements of the business as it grows.
Identify, report and analyse issues, patterns and trends in customer requests & product performance
Stay up to date on new social media tools, best practices and be an early adopter of new social media technologies
“Anyone for table tennis?”
Ken Van -

Once awarded silver medal in the NSW State Table Tennis Tournament, Ken looks back now at what might have been. Well, maybe not. These days he is more proud of a strong 19 year career in the computer industry as well as a background in telecommunications, commerce and finance. Not much room for ping pong there... Ken brings his powerful programming skills to Ninefold to create a better user experience for customers who know what they want. Still, there’s space in the office for a table. All we need are a couple of bats, a ball and a net! Ken? “I want to make something beautiful”
Lachlan Hardy – Senior Developer

A regular at virtually every developer meetup in Sydney, it might seem Lachlan is fuelled by beer, coffee and industry gossip. Yet he still finds time to build amazing things with HTML5, JavaScript and Ruby, while being an outspoken campaigner for open standards. Lachlan insists he was the first guy to ever put one of those ‘tag this, post this, fave this’ toolbars on a mainstream media website – so it’s his fault. He lives happily with his wife, Lisa, who also lives and works on the web, and two whippets. Who don’t. Launched in early 2011, Ninefold has the full backing of Macquarie Telecom - a major ASX listed company that shared our vision. This backing has allowed us to invest in an infrastructure big enough and powerful enough to really make a difference. Yet despite our big friend and unbelievably massive cloud, we’re still just a small, independent start up – a close team in a Sydney CBD office space working intensely to develop something spectacular. With a requirement to quickly build a team to create an innovative product, develop a brand and marketing strategy and execute a business plan with a commercial focus, test and launch the product.
The team is a small group of key full time staff, with shared services from Macquarie Telecom Legal, HR, IT and Finance and a flexible contractor base that will come and go until launch and operational experience allows further insight. We are a proud, passionate, fast moving and adaptable team, committed to making a difference. We live online and take a community approach. Thought leaders, we are continually looking for better ways to support our customers and drive a commercial focus for what we believe is a flexible, easy to use and cost effective product that is proudly Australian.

The Ninefold story is just beginning.
Grow with us... The Marketing and Sales Manager is accountable for:
Sales and new business development - continual improvement of the funnel, ensure max ROI and stakeholder insights
Development and delivery of an active community and marketing online (and offline) strategies that clearly position the new brand and build the sales funnel
Communication strategies that achieve sales objectives
Evangelise the brand at community and industry events
Assembling the team and processes required to meet the requirements of the business as it grows The Senior Developer is accountable for:
Owning, developing and maintaining the customer portal
Interacting with the business heads and customers to program and manage the software, its roadmap and lifecycle
Work with API & Integration Developers to support and manage the integration between portal and third party software and systems
Develop code segments and recommendation for posting on the community library
Regularly patrol the community forums and respond to customer enquiries – provide customer support
Follow industry competitive agile software development practices and lifecycle management procedures
Evangelise the technologies, solutions and practices developed in the cloud community Hannah has over 25 years online Sales and Marketing experience in the US and Australian markets. She moved to Australia in 2004 with her partner and child, and joined Realestate.com.au as the Director of Group Marketing. She then moved into a General Manager role with RSVP.com.au, and most recently Quickflix.com.au.
Hannah thrives in an entrepreneurial fast paced environment. Her key strength is in driving online traffic and increasing brand awareness. Experienced in new media : blogs ,podcasts,mobile, Hannah is also accomplished offline as a speaker/presenter.
Hannah is an executive with innovative marketing skills. She is experienced in applying customer acquisition techniques to emerging industries and possesses strong strategic, analytical, creative, communication and team building skills. Lucien is a professional Commercial Manager. He has worked with Oracle in the US, SMS, Gen I and is currently the Commercial Manager with Orange Business Services.
Lucien has also worked in the UK as an Industry Analyst with Colonial First State focused on the IT Sector. During this time he completed 2 years of a Chartered Financial Analyst qualification. He has recently completed an MBA at UNSW, and is currently involved with 2 start-up organisations in his spare time. Lucien’s initial qualification was a degree in Computer Science at Monash including an exchange with the Uni of Illinois
He has good experience in business process development and is strong on metrics, diagnostics and financial management. Recruitment for the remaining permanent (blue) staff will continue as the business grows and requires additional support, releasing the need for the launch staff (red).

The Macquarie Telecom shared services (green) will continue to support Ninefold, with both MT ways of doing things and those that better suit the differing needs of Ninefold's customers, operations and culture. 5. 6. 7. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 8. 9. 10.
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