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Making my cake

No description

Abi Oakley

on 20 May 2014

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Transcript of Making my cake

Making my cake
1) gather your ingediants
3 eggs
tbs olive oil
cake mix
topping including icing and chocolate spread
2) collect your equiptment
moxing bowl-to whisk the mixture
spoon-mix it
whisk-help mix it together
wooden spoon-press the mixture
tray-put the cake on
tin foil-lift the cake
knife-get the cake out without breaking it
1)get your mixing bowl and pour the chocolate mixture in it
2)break 3 eggs up and put into the bowl
3) put a table spoon of olive oil into the same bowl and mix together untill smooth and lump less
4)put butter and rub around the tray
5)pour the finnished mixture into the tray
6)put into the oven for 25-30minutes by knowing the cake is done by preasing the cake with your finger and it pops back up
smooth a large amount of chocolate spread on the cake and make what ever shape you want
Finnished cake
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