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A type of blood leukocyte that differentiates into a macrophage

Gina Gonzalez

on 19 April 2010

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Transcript of monocytes

By: Gina Gonzalez I was born in the
bone marrow. You can find me
hanging out in the
blood I know I will live
anywhere from
two to eight days
long! I am qualified to work as
a soldier and destroy the
cellular debris left after
neutrophils who have
attacked foreign cells. Leukemia, plasma cell
disorders, lymphomas
and anemias cause me
to get sick. My family and I make up
about 0.5% to 10% of WBCs
in the blood. Unlike some of my
brothers and sisters,
my family likes me. When a disease attacks,
my family steps in and
we fight. They call this
Monocytosis me!!! My mom said that
when my grandpa died
he went to the spleen. When I travel, I don't have
to pay extra for a carry-on. Some of my aunts,
uncles, and cousins are
B cells. When I grow up I will
transform into a
macrophage and I
will be certified to work
in the immune system. I can produce pro-inflammatory
cytokines to help regulate inflammatory
responses in the body. I look like this About 1000 baby
monocytes are born
each day I don't have a nickname. The End
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