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How did immigration and labor unions impact American Industrial workers?

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Julia Alexa Botello

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of How did immigration and labor unions impact American Industrial workers?

What are Labor Unions?
What is Immigration?
arrival of settlers in new country from different countries
Being an Industrial worker during Immigration:
Being a Industrial Worker during Labor Unions:
Work Cited:
How did immigration and labor unions impact American Industrial workers?
workers' organization
an organization of wage earners that is set up to serve and advance its members' interests in terms of wages, benefits, and working hours and conditions

reduced the power of the industrial worker
huge immigrant labor meant there were plenty people who were willing to work in the factories
If workers did not like their wages or conditions, they could be replaced from the huge group of labor from immigration
employers could mistreat workers and workers could do very little about it
making it harder for American workers to have leverage over their employers

Sherman Antitrust Act was usually invoked to curb the formation of unions
Labor disputes often became violent, including Homestead Steel, Ludlow, and the Pullman factory strikes attest
state governments, in areas with a heavy immigrant population, passed laws that met many industrial workers' demands: better work hours, better working conditions, etc.
American Federation of Labor under Samuel Gompers
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