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Drugs & Consciousness Project

No description

Juan Poole

on 19 February 2015

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Transcript of Drugs & Consciousness Project

Drugs & Consciousness Project
Ryan ( Elijah Wood)
Physically alcohol can damage multiple organs such as the liver and pancreas but also weaken the immune system and even cause certain cancers. It also interferes with certain brain communication.
Physical Effects are similar to alcohol.

When people smoke Meth they create a false sense of well-being or euphoria. Meth pushes the users body well past its limits and because of this their body can physically crash or the user could go through horrible mental break down. The physical dependence for Meth is ridiculous once you've sobered up.
Smoking pot & your occasional binge drinking just isn't cutting it anymore. Ryan has resorted to Meth for a stronger fix.
In an attempt to stay alert and avoid any mishaps or sabotage from Wilfred Ryan as been binging on coffee & has collapsed several times and made his attempts to stay alert futile.
Although, caffeine can help as a pain reliever and can help keep you alert it does several odd things to your body
Short term effects include: Increased heart rate, muscle spasms, and convulsions.
It is a party drug that constantly needs bigger and bigger doses to give your body that same king of the world feeling. It is highly addicting and interferes with the way the brain processes chemicals. It can make big time users almost psychotic and even make them hallucinate.
Ryan is easily influenced & gullible for certain girls. If one of those girls wanted to snort a few bumps he would likely be happy to indulge.
LSD (Lysergic acid Diethylamide)
LSD is one of the most potent, mood changing chemicals. It is manufactured from lysergic acid, which is found in the ergot fungus that grows on rye and other grains. It is produced in crystal form in illegal laboratories, mainly in the United States. The crystals are then converted into liquid form for distribution. It is odorless, colorless, and has a slightly bitter taste.
Juan Poole
1st Block

Alcohol is agonist because it increases dopamine, serotonin, and endorphin activity and Antagonist because it slows down glutamate activity.
Ryan is more susceptible to become an alcoholic because he likes to dwell on things as well as his low self esteem and always resorts to substance abuse.
With his life in shambles Ryan once again tries to overdose but this time on Barbiturates because of the Barbiturate's wide spectrum of effects it is likely that the pills are the real culprit behind why Ryan sees a man in a dog suit.
LSD mostly resembles Serotonin which is used to regulate almost all of our senses. As a result our emotional processing is heavily influenced. It also increases 'cross talk' or stimulates part of our brains which normally do not associate. Which usually results in synesthesia or a mixture of the senses. Good doses result in hallucinations.
Ryan has already tried Iowaska or Ayahuaska which is a lot more intense & longer lasting then LSD so trying LSD wouldn't be too intimidating. He is also fairly influenced and manipulated so Ryan is more prone to the use of Lysergic Acid Diethylamide than others.
Marijuana has no significant affect on Ryan since he's built a high enough tolerance. It doesn't affect his career because he doesn't have one, all he does is smoke in his basement with Wilfred. All marijuana is known for is risks, risks, more possible risks. Of course the only credible risk is smoking before your brain is fully developed & Ryan is well over 25. So he's good. He could get the munchies but he could use them since he looks underweight.
Ryan already seems like he isn't fully there since he sees things out of the ordinary. But if he begins dropping acid it could make his mental status worsen & he could give his close ones a stronger reason to put him in a mental institution.
Marijuana is an agonist because the primary metabolite in cannabis binds to the CB1 & CB2 receptors.
Cocaine is an indirect-acting agonist because it enhances the action of the neurotransmitter dopamine.
LSD is a agonist because it is mainly attributed to the Serotoninergic System.
THC is the main Psychoactive chemical found in found in Marijuana.
CB1 receptors in your brain are what give you the "high" feeling when you come in smoke marijuana. While CB2 receptors are associated with the immune system.
It acts as a stimulant & depressant.
Physical Effects include:
Being shaky
Mild insomnia
Irregular heart beat tempo
Increased heart beat
Headaches &
Increased blood pressure
Caffeine is a adenosine antagonist.
People who regularly drink coffee develop more adenosine receptors so you get like a cocaine effect & constantly need to up the amount of coffee you drink or you'll be exhausted. Coffee makes you drowsy because caffeine is structurally similar to adenosine. A chemical that makes you sleepy.
As a result he has exhibited violent outbursts and hasn't slept in several days.
Physical Effects:
Extreme weight loss
Increased aggressiveness & irritability
Tooth decay
Hair loss
As well as terrible muscle deterioration
Agonist because it binds to dopamine receptors causing massive releases.
For Example:
Small amounts relax you & produce calmness
Larger doses can slur a person's speech & make a person's decision making skills poor
But big doses can likely kill you and many people do it by accident
Enhances GABA responses in neurons meaning it's an agonist.
Drugs that act as central nervous sytem depressants & can be highly harmful at big doses.
Barbiturates dissolve easily in fat but have moderately easy access to the brain because of their ability to cross the blood brain barrier.
It is believed that barbiturates block the flow of sodium ions causing the prevention of action potentials.
Ryan has a high tolerance towards marijuana because he smokes almost everyday.
He goes through one big withdrawal one he quits for a while but is soon tempted to return to his old ways because of Wilfred.
Physical Dependence:
Although he's not addicted to pot. He is inclined towards smoking because he makes certain habits of things.
Psychological Dependence:
Ryan might find it unbearable if he experiences overwhelming depression after harder drug uses.
He could easily become addicted to drugs because when he is stressed or under pressure he impulsively rushes to his quickest fix.
NASA intoxicated spiders with different drugs to see if they could still build an effective web. All of the drugs reduced web regularity except for small doses of LSD, which actually increased it.
Crazy Facts!
A Catholic priest named Michael Clegg first began distributing ecstasy and at its peak he was delivering 500,000 pills to the Dallas area per month.
While shooting The Blues Brothers movie, they had a budget for cocaine.
A study conducted by the Independent Scientific Committee on Drugs shows that alcohol is the most harmful drug along with meth, heroine, and cocaine. Among the least harmful: mushrooms and LSD.
Freud liked cocaine so much that he would give it to friends and family as a gift.
Cameron Diaz bought marijuana from Snoop Dogg while the two were High School together before either achieved fame.
A 1970s Canadian science experiment made drugs freely available to both caged rats and colony rats: The rats in cages developed drug habits. The rats in normal ‘society’ refused them.
Penicillin was so scarce and precious before 1944 that it was extracted from the patients’ urine to be re-used.
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