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Detroit Schools

Detroit schools from the bottom to the top.

Jesse Tucker

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Detroit Schools

inn22 said:
When a school district loses funding or the number of students drops to a point in that the area schools are consolidated to save money. Depending on how the district was reorganized they probably thought it better just to cut thier efforts and just leave things there and start over. Essential items were removed, but things such as computers were probably out-dated when the schoold closed. The walls are all torn up beacuse people come in and take the copper pipes and other valuable metals. 2 months ago Joshua Schools:
Shikellamy Highschool (Sunbury, Pennsylvania, USA,)
Slavation Army School for Officer Training Project 117 I think of my self more of a oppertunist, I worked all over PA, NY,CT,NJ, and a few other odd places. Lara -Student (Anthropology)
-WAYNE STATE meebee2beebee also known as.... "I just like to share random videos from my perspective of a student living in Detroit." This video was brought to you by (male Guest : Paul) Detroit schools literly in shambles. But theres hope. Thanks Eric Seal for this great clip! Detroit Free Press Journalist

University of Missouri-Columbia 1993, Bachelors of Journalism Native Detroiter. Detroiters.
Keep Climbing. Higher Education It all points to... Our mission is to discover, examine, transmit and apply knowledge that contributes to the positive development and well-being of individuals, organizations and society. Wayne State University is a national research institution dedicated to preparing students to excel in an increasingly advanced and interconnected global society. When the dust settles.

We, Detroit, have one
great tool that sets us
above the rest on our
quest for higher education.
Re: Abandoned and Destroyed Elementary School in Detroit
Re: Abandoned and Destroyed Elementary School in Detroit
Hiya, Jesse....

Very neat, I'm glad my video's going around! :)

I did not end up finding any background information on the school...I tried researching it but couldn't find much via the internet. I'm sure if I actually went to Detroit records/census things I could probably find out more information by just talking to the right people but unfortunately I don't know much! You should definitely check that school out yourself some time...I wasn't exactly looking for it myself...I was driving by and saw it there...you're right it's very noticeable. The playground equipment was torched so the first thing I noticed was the old melted plastic of the slides and swings.

Ha, thanks, but I'm not a film major :) I'm an anthropology major.

Let me know how your presentation goes!

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