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No description

Shaynah Hermes

on 11 February 2014

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Transcript of design

Design and model an innovative Smart Phone holder that adds functionality and style.
1. Must fit onto an existing smartphone that is modeled in Inventor
2. Must have a minimum of 5 different parts once assembled.
3. Utilize 6 of the advanced modeling features.
4. Must be able to “snap on” different parts or accessories to change the look and style of the phone.
we found that the smart phone is 0.3 in. thick X 4.87 in. tall X
Smart Phone Holder by banana phone company
designs by Shaynah H., Felix M., and Miriam L.

Model or Prototype
The problem is to create a smartphone holder that can be used by all ages and has 5 attachable parts to design the phone to they're own personality.
Improve Design
Choose Best Idea
Prezi.com, autodesk, sketch.
We were unable to make a prototype but this is what it would have looked like.
We thought that we could add a multiple plug/holder in (different plug in for different places) that allows you to go different places with only one plug/holder.
kinda like this but more unique
We chose adjustable
we chose this cause it was flexible and unique
1. adjustable
2. smaller
3.water proof
6.quick charge
8.pocet size
9.can be used on car chargers
10.watch charger
11.solar powered
12. can be used on any smart phone
13.glow in the dark
14.has a flash light
17. red
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