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STEM Independent Study

Year 7 independent Study Task

Matthew Swain

on 12 June 2013

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Transcript of STEM Independent Study

Study What does STEM
stand for?? Technology Engineering What is it? STEM subjects are integral to the UK’s success: the UK is the world’s sixth largest manufacturer, engineering turnover is around £800 billion per year, and whilst the UK makes up only 1% of the world’s population, we produce 10% of the world’s top scientific research. Despite this, it is remarkable to note that even though STEM graduates have the potential to earn amongst the highest salaries of all new recruits, employers are finding it difficult to recruit STEM skilled staff. And alongside our need for a skilled STEM workforce, it is crucial that all young people, regardless of their future career pathway, have the STEM knowledge and skills they need to be an informed citizen in an increasingly scientific and technological society. Your Task...
What could you modify, design or build to improve something in your neighborhood environment? You will design/create something to improve your neighborhood.

You are expected to bring in an artifact of your work (photo, design plans, a model …etc.) to help communicate what you learned during this process.

You need to produce an explanation of what you have done (why did you choose to tackle this problem, how did you go about solving it, how will your design fix the problem?) We often use 'wind up' objects now, but
the wind up radio was invented in response
to a very important issue.... Not all inventions make it past their initial phase however....
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