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My heroes

No description

Melodie Saulnier

on 15 June 2015

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Transcript of My heroes

Willie O'ree
Willie O'ree
Jacques Saulnier
God of the sea, earthquakes, storms and horses
Thank you!
My heroes
Mélodie Saulnier
Born in Frederiton New-Brunswick on October 15th 1935
Played for the Boston Bruins
Arena Willie O'ree
79 years old
Right wing
First black hockey player in the NHL
Shoots left
Willie O'ree learned to skate when he was three and he started playing hockey when he was five. He played his first game in the NHL when he was replacing an injured player on January 18th 1958 against the Montreal Canadiens. He only played two games.

In 1961, he came back to play 43 games eventhought there was a lot of racism. Finally, in 1979 he ended his career and because of him they finally accept black people in the NHL.

Willie O'ree's career Why did I chose him
Willie O'ree arena
Willie Eldon O'ree
Learn more about him
First appearance: 1962
Cronus and Rhea
65 episodes in 5 seasons
Greek god
Great grand-father
Born in 1899
Died in 1982
About him
Jacques owned a general store in a small community. He was a generous man, especially with the poor. When they couldn't afford stuff in the store he'd let them have it for free.
At his death, they decided to name him the king of the poor.
Jacques Saulnier
The reason I chose him is because I think generosity is a lost virtue and I wish people would be more generous these days. People always seem to expect something in return, that's not real generosity.
Peter Parker
Created by Stan Lee and Steeve Ditko
I chose him because I used to watch Spiderman's episodes with my cousin and when we went to Disney World I went in Spiderman's ride and I really liked it. That's how he became my favourite superhero.
Tamer of horse
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