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Uglies & Pretties


Lisa Do

on 19 December 2010

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Transcript of Uglies & Pretties

Uglies & Pretties By: Lisa Do :) Characters As Known In Uglies Tally Youngblood - A 15 year old Ugly that desperately wants to become Pretty to rejoin her best friend, Paris. Shay - A 15 year old Ugly just like Tally who doesn't want to become Pretty, instead, she wants to escape in the Smoke. Paris - A new Pretty, and Tally's best friend. He lives in New Pretty Town without a care in the world. David - An Ugly who has been born in the Smoke for all his life. He has been living as a "Rusty" for as long as he can remember. "Tally smiled. At least she was causing trouble to the end. "I'm Tally Youngblood," she said. "make me pretty."
"Nature didn't need an operation to be beautiful. It just was." -Tally Youngblood Look at this! Isn't it beautiful? About The Author Scott Westerfeld Scott Westerfeld was born in Dallas, Texas May 5th 1963. According to his "Scott Facts" he is bisummeral- which is moving between hemispheres to "avoid the the deadly scourge of winter." He is a vegetarian for family reasons, and he likes Mexican and Thai food. He's had many jobs; some of them are a substitute teacher, a textbook editor, and a ghost writer. He has written books for adults, and as well as young adults. Scott Westerfeld describes himself as:

"Scott Westerfeld is me. I’m the author of five science fiction novels for adults. I’ve also been an occasional ghost writer, which is like driving someone else’s car really, really fast for lots of money. (I could tell you what famous authors I ghost-wrote for, but then I’d have to kill you.) In my artsy days, I wrote music for artsy downtown New York dancers."

He is married to Justine Larbalestier in 2001 and does not plan to have children. He went to Arts Megnet High School in Dallas, Texas and went to Vassar Philosophy BA in 1985. Later he went to New York University for Performance Studies. (1987-1988) Dr. Cable - She is part of a group of people called "Specials". They are a rumored group, only few people have met them since they are "Special Circumstance." Tally, a young Ugly who anxiously sneaked into New Pretty Town to visit her friend, Paris, meets up with Shay, another Ugly who shares her same birthday. It turns out that Shay doesn't want to become Pretty as much as Tally does. Shay ends up running away to Smoke, where "supposedly" David was said to live. Dr. Cable targets Tally and tells her to find her friend, or never become Pretty. Plot For Uglies “The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye but found by the heart.” Characters As Known As In Pretties Tally Youngblood - (Tally-Wa) Now a Pretty, she has everything she ever wanted. Great friends, an awesome boyfriend, and she's one of the Crims now. What could go wrong? Oh yeah. EVERYTHING. Shay - (Shay-La) Tally's best friend. Shay is later jealous of Tally of being "bubbly". She becomes a "Cutter", thinking that becoming a Cutter is the cure of being bubbly. GiRL Zane - Tally's boyfriend. He and Tally both use each other to remain "bubbly." Dr. Cable - She is part of a group of people called "Specials". They are a rumored group, only few people have met them since they are "Special Circumstance." Theme I believe this because in the story, it takes place in the future where when they turn 16, they take an operation to turn "Pretty." Tally learns that becoming Pretty, that not only it changes her personality, but it does something to her brain. (not going to be revealed for people who want to read the book.)
Author's Craft The author's craft of this book was Show, Don't Tell. I chose this because of his way with words to describe people, action, and scenery. For example, the way the author described Dr. Cable is very unique:

"The woman was a cruel pretty. Her nose was aquiline, her teeth sharp, her eyes a nonreflective gray. Her voice has the same slow, neutral cadence as a bedtime book. But it hardly made Tally sleepy. An edge was hidden in the voice, like a piece of metal slowly marking glass." The Overview of Genre The book is a sci-fi genre. It takes place in the future where all 16 year olds take an operation (a.k.a. cosmetic surgery) to turn super model pretty, David - A young boy who lives in the New Smoke. Plot For Pretties Eureka! Tally has everything she ever wanted. What more could a girl want? Until she finds a note that her Ugly self wrote saying that they've done things to her brain. She needs the cure, or stay pretty minded forever. She escapes the city to go to New Smoke where she meets up with David. WIll she escape the Special Circumstances and Dr. Cable, or will she be the mouse and Dr. Cable the cat? Information recieved from http://scottwesterfeld.com/blog/books/uglies/ The Operation Every 16 year old gets "the operation". It's really just cosmetic surgery where they change EVERYTHING you gained from your parents. They change your hair, your eyes, your mouth, your body, and eyerything else that makes you, you.

In the Uglies stage, most Uglies are resentful against becoming Pretty (the reason they are like this is because they spy on them at night when they are having their parties.) because they are very carefree. However, deep inside, when the day comes to get the operation, the Uglies are very excited to finally become Pretty. The Setting The setting takes place during the future. (Way long after our time) The time where everyone normal is ugly. Until they get their operation, they are considered ugly. How bogus is that?

Throughout both of the stories, they are at the City, and in the Smoke (in Pretties, it is known as New Smoke) By: Lisa Do :] Scott was inspired by Ted Chiang for his book: "Liking What You See: A Documentary" which is similar to Scott's book; you are allowed the power to swich your ability to see the beauty of the person to focus on their aspects on who they are off. Nobody Is Perfect.
Don't try to change yourself to fit in.

Because everyone likes you... as you. (Because, let's face it. Who wants to fit in when you can be different?)
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