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Dangers of Curiosity

No description

Hamish Green

on 1 November 2013

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Transcript of Dangers of Curiosity

Dangers of Curiosity
Coraline's Curiosity
Coraline's curiosity got the better of her and she put herself and her family in danger. She wasn't smart and didn't know how to control herself. She found it neccesary to improve her life and she was curious about her "perfect" life the other mother made for her.

"Hey Mom! Where does this door go? .... Please!" - Coraline
The Black Cat
The black cat helped Coraline through the dangers that occurred because of her curiosity. It was almost as if the roles of humans and cats were reversed and the black cat was wise unlike Coraline. By using the cat in such away Henry Selick was creating a new meaning to the expression 'Curiosity killed the cat'.

"You know, your walking right into her trap." a
- Black Cat
Key Events - Face off with other mother
Detoriation of the other mother
Throughout the movie, as if her web of lies is unfolding so Coraline hears the truth about the other mother, the other mother deteriorates into something that might scare Coraline into her arms.

"Don't leave me! Don't leave me! I'll die without you!" - Other mother
The main setting for the theme "Dangers of Curiosity" is the tunnel. This is because of the overwhelming excitement and awe Coraline feels. The tunnel symbolises curiosity as it is the focus of curiosity for a large part of the film. Its the place that lead her to the other world and is the initial beginning of her journey. Coraline is intruiged by the door and this leads her to the adventures that she faces. It could be that because the door is covered with wallpaper and is seemingly forbidden and is shrowded in mystery. Another reason the tunnel is a big factor in the theme of curiosity is because of the mysterious ways of the tunnel (eg transforming from a glowing blue/purple into into a cob-web filled dark gray place, as Coraline begins to figure out the flaws in the seemingly perfect world.

In Coraline, Coraline's curiosity put her family and herself in danger. The first signs of the dangers of her curiosity show when she discovers the little door. Curiosity clouds our common sense, which is what keeps out of danger. Her curiosity extends from here and gets her into trouble but doesn't necessarily get her out.
Key Events - Tunnel

Going through it
Other mother leads Coraline to discover the tunnel, she feels like she discovered it herself but actually the doll led her to finding the door and the mice lead her through the tunnel. She found them because she had so much curiosity that she followed them without considering what consequences there could be.

Detoriation of the tunnel
Colour Scheme of the tunnel was important. They were all strong rich dark colours like Dark/Royal Blue and Purple which symbolises the mysteriousness of the tunnel. These are cold colours and emphasises on how it's "unknown" unlike warm colours that emphasise on safety and known. The unknown makes people curious and desperate to find out what it is.

"I have to go back. They're my parents" - Coraline
Lots of low angle shots to make the other mother look powerful, strong and scary aswell as many different point of view shots to shoe us how the character feels in its position..

Colour scheme (black contrasting with bright purples blues and greens) looks unnatural, creepy and eerie. Makes the scene look mysterious an adds to Coralines curiosity.
Film Techniques
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