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gwa virtual tour

No description

Dasha S

on 5 April 2013

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Transcript of gwa virtual tour

Welcome to the best school of Dubai. We have two buildings one for primary school and the other one is for middle and diploma program schools. we have an olympic size swimming pool, a kids pool, football pitch and a running track, fitness gym and a big GYM. Our school is massive in it's sizes. We have the latest technology in our school. we have mac computers in the music rooms! Welcome To GWA Our auditorium is massive. We have assembles in it. 3 assembles for PYP, one for MYP and one for DP. grade 6,7 and 8 have Enrichment there and Orchestra as well. Orchestra is when all of grade 6,7 and 8 play on instrument but each grade has enrichment at different times so we will have space to play. Our Auditorium has a theater stage and it looks like one. Auditorium Sports Hall! The sports hall as you all know is made for PE and for sports teams to practice and championships. Our school we have a running track, big gum, fitness room, football pitch, basketball court, tennis court and a swimming pool for different PE units. We use football pitch in breaks for playing football hanging out. In GWA we have different sports teams like football teams, volleyball teams, basketball teams, tennis teams and a swimming team as well. Last year our U14 basketball girls team won a trophy for our school. Language Schools language section is located in different parts of the school because our language section is massive but it is mostly n the second floor. Our language section is made out of three languages: English, french and spanish. I take french. We also have a language lesson called EAL for people that need help with their English studies. For french and spanish we have different levels of understanding. for example if you know french fluently you would go to french 5 which is the highest one. GWA Virtual Tour Reception/Lobby Welcome to our PYP reception and lobby. Our best receptionists will lead you around our school. They will show you every corner of the school. they will explain what is happening i the classes and how this school works. You will be amazed by them and our school. Trust me. I'm here for 3 years! Cafeteria! In MYP e have 2 lunch breaks. One of them starts at 11:10-11:40 and the second one starts at 1:25-1:55. The food in cafeteria is all right not good not bad. we have brown bread paninis, fruit salads, rice and fish, etc. Everything is healthy in our cafeteria. Some people bring their own food. If you want you can even microwave it. We also have a parent cafe for parent to relax talk to their friends at school, and drink coffee. MYP, DP reception MYP, DP reception is located in the new building. Our principal is located in there and his secretary. Parents and students which are in MYP or DP go there to find info., to pay money, to talk to the principal. Design Technology Design Technology is where we make different stuff. In grade 6 you make a moisture detector and a picture frame. In grade 7 you make a bottle and a child's toy. In design technology hall there is two computer room and two design tech rooms. All the rooms have the latest technology and the latest machines. Science Department Science department is huge it stakes almost the whole 1st floor. We have a huge lab room. It has all the scientific equipment that we need. In the science class we do different experiments, labs and sometimes we get to go in the desert next to our school and do different tests. As always we have the latest scientific equipment for science. Thank You For Coming To See Our School and Watching My Prezi!!! Music Hall Music hall is where we have music lessons and Drama. We have around 10 music practice rooms. One black box. We also have a recording studio, 2 music tech rooms and a green room. In the music tech room we have big Mac computers where we work on our own music piece. In grade 6 and 7 we work on GarageBand though from grade 8 we work on DigitalPro. By: Dasha Shilina
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