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Days in S&OP Month

No description

Xin Wang

on 26 June 2015

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Transcript of Days in S&OP Month

Days in A S&OP Month
S&OP Monthly Batch
(via Robot)
Monthly alignment on unconstrained FY forecast by COT/5 Digit Sales Code
Marketing & VP alignment on S&OP forecast. Develop key asks for executive S&OP
Capacity, Distribution & Inventory review and volume impacts; create balanced constrained operating plan; inventory projection and action planning
Run daily batch at 7pm Monday to Friday to generate daily exception (by running the daily batch)

Weekly application restart on every Sunday

Monthly batch runs at 2:30am on the first Wednesday of every fiscal period
High level Job Flow...
Detailed Robot Job list...
High level data flow...
Capacity, Distribution & Inventory review to identify Supply constraints, documented & mitigated
4Th week of Fiscal Month, 3 hrs
- Meeting Inputs
Major volume changes by COT, Updated metrics and Net Requirement GAPS identified

- Meeting Outputs
Create balanced constrained operating plan; inventory projection and action planning
Opportunities quantified/identified and Risk mitigation to service levels, if applicable
- Actions from prior cycle
- Budget Volume Review
- Overall Plant Tracker
- Scorecard Review
- Inventory Review
- Net Requirement Review
Current month to date results
Future month projection
- Risk Mitigation, if applicable
- Global Forecast Variance
- Demand / Market Trends
By product family
- Volume Tracker
By Plant & Exception Items
- Monthly Summary -3 Blocker
Demand Planning
Supply Planner/Manager
Operations VP
Logistics VP
Focus Factory Manager

Business Presentation, Volume & Financial Overview
5Th week of Fiscal Month
Quarterly, 3 hrs, UOM $$
- Meeting Inputs
Aligned FY Projection by COT versus Financial Plan
Recommendations & Key Asks for Leadership

- Meeting Outputs
Decisions or actions documented based on recommendations or key asks

Demand Planning Director/Manager
S&OP Lead
Supply Planning Manager
President & VP Marketing
VP/Controller & Director FP&A
VP Operations
VP Logistics

- Actions from prior cycle
- Scorecard Review
Demand & Supply
- Key Asks & Discussion Points
- Total Volume Review by GBU & Region

Present RECO & Gap closing opportunities; Obtain approval on projection & Operating Plan thru key asks & discussion points
Time Duration
Forecast build base + Marketing Intelligence, 5 Digit, UOM Units
1st week of Fiscal Month / 4 hours
-Meeting Inputs
Exceptions based discussion +/-4% variance based on trend

-Meeting Outputs
Roll up of unconstrained FCST converted to units for Supply Review
Communication of major changes to Supply partners

S&OP Lead
Demand Planner/Manager
Marketing Manager/ABM
Finance Analyst
- Metric Review
Forecast Accuracy by COT & 5 Digit – Prior Month
Bias by COT & 5 Digit – Prior Month
Fill rate – Prior Month
- Actions from prior Month
- Exception Review +/- 4% @ 5-Digit
- Market Activity R&Os

Marketing alignment on S&OP CALL v. Plan + Contingency Discussion, UOM Units & $$
3rd week of Fiscal Month, 4 hrs
- Meeting Inputs
Volume changes from Regional Demand Review by COT rolled up at a global level and compared to FIN
Identify R&O / Contingency Plans for any GAPS to FIN

- Meeting Outputs
Alignment on unconstrained demand by COT converted to cases for Supply Review
Prepare key asks for Executive Review & Agenda Prep

Demand Planning Manager
Demand Planner
Supply Planning Manager
Product Marketing Manager/Director
FP&A Director
- Actions from prior cycle
- Scorecard Review
Forecast Variance
Fill Rate
Back order (If applicable)
- Demand Trend by COT
- Financial Comparison by COT
- New Product Review
- Market Activity
- SKU Rat
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