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Planning: Self Information

No description

Christine Dang

on 7 March 2014

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Transcript of Planning: Self Information

SELF INFORMATION Something that you have
learned to do well. Being creative, Cooking, and house chores. My skills can be used to become a . They Your natural abilities & talents. My own Aptitudes: Polite, organized Just like a they are organized, friendly and polite which is why a secretary is a good job for my aptitudes. Secretaries need to be polite and friendly to the customers or patients and when they answer the phone. They are also very organized because they have to file and keep track Somethings/some people that are important to you. My family, friends dogs, food and music. I love almost all pets which is why I think being a (in a store) would be a good career for my values. Taking care of someone's pet will make the pet owner/family happy because they left their pet with someone else and coming back to see their feeling and I like that. I enjoy being around pets and like to make not only my family happy but others How you view things. Definition: Organizing a working area, helping kids with homework, babysitting and tutoring. SKILLS caring and friendly. of things (such as appointments, records of patients, etc.) and I have those requirements APTITUDES PERSONALITY VALUES ATTITUDES Positive, serious (at times), EXPERIENCES LEARNING STYLES Definition: would go well with my
learning style because I learn things
easier visually. Being an artist works with
pictures and hands-on things that you can
see and do yourself (like mixing colour,
carving, etc.) Being an artist and making
new work you can visually see what you
have done and how well you did. You can
see the different techniques you used. Visual learner
and Kinaesthetic learner. pet is alright is a good as well. Table of Contents Skills Aptitudes Values 1 3 5 Attitudes 7 Experiences 9 Intelligence 11 Personality Learning Styles 13 15 CHEF whatever dish in just 2-3 practice after visually seeing it over and over again. Chefs are also artistic and creative because they try to make their plate presentable and appetizing for the customers to eat and enjoy. Eventually, when the dishes get piled up and floors get dirty there will be chores to get finished and I can accomplish
those task. Career: cook lots of dishes and I think I can learn how to make My own skills: Definition: Definition: Career: SECRETARY Definition: My own values: Career: PET SITTER Definition: My own attitudes: Career: My own experiences: Career: They help kids with their homework and help them understand the work that they are doing. I have experienced helping someone do those. Some teachers are very organized and have a good/clean working area and I like being organized as well. With my experiences, I think I can become a TEACHER. INTELLIGENCE Definition: My own intelligence: Music-Smart and emotional intelligence. Career: A SONGWRITER is good for my intelligence. I can write music to express my emotions or help someone else express their emotion to someone/something else. Music can relate to lots of people and how they are feeling. A songwriter can also create music that can possibly relate to them and let them know that they are not alone. This job shows that they are music-smart by writing lyrics/music and emotional intelligence because they can help others handle their feelings through music. pg 1 pg 2 pg 3 pg 4 pg 5 pg 6 pg 7 pg 9 pg 10 pg 13 pg 15 pg 16 pg 11 pg 12 By: Christine Dang Careful, calm and trusting. would fit my attitude because they are DOCTOR careful with the things they do. For example, making sure they write the right medicine for their patient or else something bad might happen. Patients and doctors usually have a good bond together, which gives them a good trust between one another. Most doctors are very calm when they talk to patients. They try not to be so harsh or loud with the patients. Again, if the doctors are too loud and mean and such, patients might not like that and not want to trust that doctor anymore. Doctors are serious most of the time, but also fun and they try to be positive. One of the down sides of being a doctor, is giving bad news to the patient or patient's family. pg 9 A moment/event that you have encountered. The amount of knowledge you have. Your different ways of learning. My own learning styles: Career: Definition: My own personality: The quality and traits that determines
or makes up a person. ARTIST An shy (in person), helpful, honest, independent Career: A is a good career for my personality. I'm shy in person so being a help line worker I won't have to talk to people in person. I can communicate through the phone and help
them with their problem they have. I can try to be honest and give them my advice. Having this job
is independent because you don't need to be involved with other people and you work by
yourself and no one will be focused on
you that much (except your boss) HELP LINE WORKER pg 14
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