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pepl Pepl

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Conditionals

Second Conditional He is a loser.
Nobody wants to talk to him. If he wasn't a loser, everybody would talk to him! Third Conditional He was depressed.
Nobody invited him to the party. If somebody had invited him to the party, he wouldn't have been depressed. Mixed Conditional He is a LOSER.
Nobody invited him to the party. If he wasn't a loser, somebody would have invited him to the party. If he wasn't a loser, somebody would have invited him to that party. Activities Options tree Student A,Tell your partner about the big decisions you've made in your life.

Student B, draw a tree and write a decision next to a branch of this tree.

Then decide with your partner how your or his life would have branched off from where it went if any of those decisions had gone the other way (drawing them on the page like an upside down tree)

Swap your roles. First Conditional He wants to invite his classmates to a restaurant. If he invites his classmates to a restaurant, nobody will come He doesn't get invitations to parties.

He fell out with his friends. If he hadn't fallen out with his friends, he would get invitations. Zero Conditional He always cries.

Nobody cares. When he cries, nobody cares. If he cries, nobody cares about it.
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