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What makes someone a "monster"?

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Alyah Scott

on 2 March 2014

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Transcript of What makes someone a "monster"?

What makes someone a "hero"?
What makes someone a "monster"?

What makes a person considered a "monster" to me is having cruel intentions in which they have full knowledge of the harm they're causing, and commits their actions for no good cause, but rather their selfish desires.
defining a monster:
All in all...
I think Macbeth is pretty weak for having been so easily persuaded to commit these monstrous things. Shakespere's "Macbeth" had a classic storyline of a heroic person who has such a great, character flaw, that it brings about their downfall. A monster does not fit the heroic part of the definition however. But it relates to how Macbeth was once a war hero, claiming victory again and again thus being given a prestigious title that wasn't enough for him. He wanted the next best thing; King. This was the direct response to Lady Macbeth's persuasion that led to the murders of the most beloved in the castle.
Defining hero:
I see the person who is really a monster is his wife considering she's who provokes him to kill for hierarchy. Macbeth may have been intrigued but he felt too guilty to actually commit the crime. He wouldn't have killed King Duncan or Banquo if it wasn't for Lady Macbeth having egged him on and mocked him for being weak in her eyes.
Lady Macbeth
a person, typically a man, who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.
Macbeth is clearly a hero because at the very beginning in Act I, we hear from other characters how heroically Macbeth performed in battle in defense of his king's land. Against seemingly hopeless odds, Macbeth fights valiantly and defeats the enemy. and his wife tries to come behind him and persuades him to do wrong and become someone that he is not tries to make him look in the end.
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