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Ghost Town Band

Prezi project for study skills. 4th

Leah Soto

on 7 January 2013

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Transcript of Ghost Town Band

By: Leah Soto Ghost Town (Band) "Party In The Graveyard" Leda Muir (Leda Monster Bunny) Sources; They ended the use of downloading the song free and
released that they where going to make a new EP album.
The band is now going to tours and getting more attention.
http://www.purevolume.com/new/officialGhostTown Who is Ghost Town? A California band with four members,
with the genre of electric/rock.
Vocals - Kevin
Drums - Manny
Electronics - Evan
Guitars - Alix How Did They Meet? Kevin and Alix where friends
together in Palm Springs,, Cali. Kevin saw
Evan making beats, Kevin liked them and
found an interested. That was how their first song "You're So Creepy came to be. What about Manny? Manny loved their song "You're So Creepy", it was something he really wanted to be a part of.
So they let him join, the song they made all together was
"Zombie Girl." The Artwork Alister Dippner Alister grew up with Kevin and Alix in the same highschool. Kevin showed them their music and made the art of what he heard. They would send them a part of their song, Alister then made the art. Ghost Town and Alister traded ideas back and forth.
Ghost Town considers him the 5th member. A YouTuber, also from California used their song "You're So Creepy", in the video "Getting Ready with Ghost Town! \(n.n)/". After her 319,262 subscribers heard it, they also fell in with it. Why is she important to Ghost Town? Leda and Alister knew each other and he was always draw her, she watched the speed paint with her in the art. She heard the song and was the first.
Kevin "She's been an original Ghost since the beginning."
She was also the first one to see their (Ghost Town) faces first and Kevin also sings to her at night.
Ghost Town made a more recent song with the cover as her again, the song itself was also dedicated to her. Manny Kevin Evan Alix
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