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Story Arc

Five Element Story Arc

Miss Czech

on 5 March 2014

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Transcript of Story Arc

5 Element Plot Diagram
Story Arc
The Exposition
Rising Action
The series of events that lead to the climax (or the highest point) of the story such as:
the conflicts
the complications
the struggles
The climax is:
Who? Where? What? When? Why?
The story begins with the exposition.
In most cases, it introduces:
the setting (time and place)
some of the main characters
the background
the character's main conflict.
What is the setting? Who are the main characters? what is the conflict?
Rising Action
Types of conflict include:
A conflict is a struggle between two opposing forces. There are internal and external conflicts
Man Versus Nature
Man Versus Man
Man Versus Society
Man Versus Self
Rising Action
What type of conflict is there in Finding Nemo?
What is the rising action?
the tense, exciting or terrifying moment when
the reader's emotional involvement is greatest.
the point of the story where the action comes to a peak.
the turning point of the story.
All earlier action leads up to the climax
What is the climax in Finding Nemo?
Falling Action
The falling action in the events that follow the climax.

These events lead to the resolution.
Falling Action
What is the falling action in Finding Nemo?
The resolution happens at the end of the story when all the conflicts have been resolved.
What is the Resolution of Finding Nemo?
Your Turn
Choose a story or a movie.
Use the work sheet provided and create a story arc.
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