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Gender Differences

No description

Courtney Guilbeault

on 10 February 2017

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Transcript of Gender Differences

Our Male Results
Male Trends:
90% of male surveyors have Instagram
Top posting motive: update others on life (80%)
70% disagree that they need likes to feel good about oneself
Top use: 100% use Instagram for pass time/relaxation
Survey Questions
1.)Do you have an Instagram account?
2.) Gender
Gender Queer

What methods and research?
Uses & Gratifications
Gender Differences on Instagram

How do males and females differ in why they use Instragram? Does it serve as gratification? We used Instragram as a specific platform to look at the bigger topic, which is social media and its relation to the Uses and Gratification Theory.
On gender difference: Both genders top motive for posting and use of Instagram were the same; but over half of the females felt they needed likes to feel good whereas almost 3/4 of the males said they didn't need the likes to feel good
*Survey information used was 10 males and 10 females
Courtney Guilbeault, Emma Rady, Emily Calvert
What We Wanted To Find and Measure:
Female Trends:
100% of our female surveyors had an Instagram account
Top posting motive: update others on life (94%)
55% agree they need likes to feel good about oneself
Top use: pass time/relaxation (80%), but 60% seek info
Our Female Results
Our other conclusion: all of our surveyors must be satisfied by their Instagram usage otherwise they wouldn't have an account or look at it
3.) What is your motive for posting?
(Circle all that apply)
a.) To get likes
b.) To update others on your life
c.) Participation in a group/organization
d.) To express yourself
e.) To receive validation
4.) Scenario: I need a certain amount of likes to
feel good about myself
a.) Strongly Agree
b.) Agree
c.) Neutral
d.) Disagree
f.) Strongly disagree
5.) Why do you look at other people’s
Instagram accounts?
a.) To pass time (relaxation/entertainment)
b.) To seek information about your interests (Fashion, Food, Sports)
c.) To compare your life to others
d.) I rarely spend time analyzing people’s post
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