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Thesis A

A Development of Online Ticket Reservation System for Peñafrancia Tours and Travel Transport, Inc.

Rheena Paras

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of Thesis A

A Development of Online Ticket Reservation System for Peñafrancia Tours and Travel Transport, Inc. By:
Chua, Eunishen
Cruz, Anne Cristy
Paras, Rheena
Paz, Hannah
Tingzon, Jonna Mr. Anthony R. Caliñgo
Thesis Adviser Background of the Study Chapter I
Introduction Peñafrancia Tours and Travel Transport, Inc. is a bus line company engaged in the general business of land transportation for in-bound and out-bound destinations in various cities and towns in any point in the Island of Luzon, Philippines.

The area of the study is about system automation of booking bus tickets via online. Since the current system that the company has is traditional manual way of booking, this causes a lot of problems mainly to on-boarding passengers and documentation of company reports.

With the said complexities, the research proponents resolute that it is necessary to develop an Automated Online Ticket Reservation System that will facilitate the operation and the management of Peñafrancia Tours and Travel, Inc., as well as its staff in carrying their respective jobs and in rendering quality service to its clientele. Statement of the Problem Passengers are having a hard time buying tickets especially on peak seasons due to long queues in booking offices
Limited branches where they can buy tickets
‘Double-Booking’ issue
Passengers who are far located from the booking office are having a hard time in ticket reservation
Poor Transaction Database Security General Objective Objectives of the Study The aim of this study is to develop an Online Ticket Reservation System for Peñafrancia Tours and Travel, Inc. Specific Objectives Specifically this study aims to: Study and Analyze the existing manual processes and Suggest modifications
Provide A Web-Based Buying Bus Ticket Functions
Describe The Processes Involved In The Development Of The Proposed System
Identify The Capabilities And Constraints Of Online Transactions Of Ticket Reservations Significance of the Study The proposed Online Ticketing & Reservation System will benefit the following: Peñafrancia Tours & Travel Transport, Inc.
Future Researchers Create An Automated System For The Company’s staff or the booking in-charge To Avoid Workload Of The Manual Transaction System
Modify The Design Of The Current Website in a more systematized manner
Enhance the website for the Effectiveness of the business through Comment Box provided by the proposed system
Provide Restriction and Validation during Ticket Purchasing Online in order to Avoid The Double Booking Issue and the Incompleteness of the Data Needed
Provide Convenience and Easy Transaction Flow for the passengers
Provide Accessibility and Affordability in purchasing tickets by means of online, and Minimize the number of clients who booked from far located places
Enable Customer to Check Availability of bus tickets via online
Ease Bus Ticket Payment through Online Payment Transaction
Facilitate And Avoid Mismatch Of Actual Seats by providing an automated seat-plan on reservation process The problem stated are as follows: Theoretical / Conceptual Framework Chapter II
Theoretical Framework and Review of Related Studies
Review of Related Studies Scopes Scopes and Limitations Some features will be developed are the following: Security is assured since user account levels are divided into three (3) levels
Schedule for the fare will be listed out separately on a page
The proponents will provide payment solution available in the most unique and convenient matter
The system will enable the company to have a centralized transaction database
Generate transaction reports for company records
Users must have internet connection to access the website and OTRS
Booking date must be at least seven (7) days ahead from the preferred date of travel
Accepts credit card and bank deposit payments
Desired seat plan is permitted
Clients can only book a maximum of 5 persons for each transaction
Voucher security is guaranteed
The voucher will be sent to email Limitations No refund once the payment was already transacted
No required data type for password during sign-up
There's no limit in log-in attempts
No student and senior discount upon online booking
Figure 2-1 Conceptual Framework Internet sites a)SuperCat Fast Ferry Corporation (SFFC)
c) Cebu Pacific Related Literature (Local) b) SM Cinema d) Victory Liner
The Student Research Journal ‘Computerized Booking and Cataloging System of Notre Dame of Dadiangas College Educational Technology Center (ETC)
Related Studies (Local) The Security of Online Electronic Payment in E-Commerce: An Assessment’ by Yang, Yutao E-books ONLINE AIRFARE RESERVATION SERVICES: A STUDY OF ASIAN- BASED AND NORTH AMERICAN-BASED TRAVEL WEB SITES
Operational Definition of Terms Online Ticket – also known as e-ticket which is an electronic ticket provided to a specified machine or web transactions

Online Booking – is an automated processing system for a purpose. A virtual reservation system for a particular business

IBE – Internet Booking Engine. is an application which helps the travel and tourism industry support reservation through the Internet
E-Ticketing - a reservation, as for a seat on an airplane or movie theater, for which confirmation is granted electronically in lieu of a printed ticketGUI (Graphical User Interface) - an interface that is used to issue commands to a computer by means of a device such as a mouse that manipulates and activates onscreen images

SQL  (Structured Query Language) - is a special-purpose programming language designed for managing database also used for retrieving data in database
Booking - a volume in which financial or business transactions are recorded. (v) To make a reservation

Voucher - A book, paper, or document which serves to vouch the truth of accounts, or to confirm and establish facts of any kind Waterfall Model or Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC Model)
Chapter III
Methodology of the Study
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