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The Convergence of Augmented Reality and Education by Poonsri Vate-U-Lan (2013)

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Poonsri Vate-U-Lan

on 22 September 2014

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Transcript of The Convergence of Augmented Reality and Education by Poonsri Vate-U-Lan (2013)

Research Instruments
a set of 25 items of 3-option-multiple-choice with an overall reliability of 0.78,
the average of difficulty level (p) was 0.72 and
an average of discriminate power (r) was 0.62.
The research result was also proof that the principles of modality in educational multimedia design were effective.
The implementation of AR technology as an innovation for education gained the attention of young students and motivated them to study successfully
AR technology will be in high demand in terms of creating and researching in education in order to establish the confidence of integrating this new kind of technology into the traditional classroom.
Dr. Poonsri Vate-U-Lan
Main curriculum material
It was checked, proof read and refined by a Canadian expert of Teaching English as a Foreign Language with regard to:
the flow of the story
wording and language and
the graphics and the colours of each figure.
The only facility needed in the traditional classroom is a set of computers with a web camera.
Design principles
adding colourful graphics related directly to the instructional message can improve learning since they “educate, not decorate.”
The contiguity design principle: placing words next to graphics improves outcomes,
as one study indicates that a learning on screen environment that integrates texts near visuals yielded an average progress of 68 per cent.

Explaining graphics with appropriate audio function improves learning
The Seed Shooting Game: An Augmented Reality 3D Pop-up Book
The Convergence of
Augmented Reality
and Education

Agenda of the presentation
1. The objectives of this research paper
2. Augmented Reality technology underpin this research
2.1 How to view AR 3D pop-up book
2.2 How to function AR 3D pop-up book
-- . Literature Review of the similar research (not include in this presentation)
3. Research Instruments
4. Events of Instruction for AR 3D Pop-up book
5. Satisfaction towards AR 3D Pop-up book

Such an AR for education case study should be conducted in the different format of AR media which might make use of 3D objects, animation, video and mobile application into the learning environment.
The research of AR for different levels of education, subjects and psychology variables are also strongly recommended as part of educational innovation in the future.
Doctor of Education from

Full-time lecturer in eLearning
Ph.D. in eLearning Methodology
Graduate School of eLearning
Assumption University of Thailand
Research Profile
Type: Research and Development, Quasi Experimental Research

Population: 484 Grade Three Thai students in Bangkok, Thailand
Sample: 99 students
Average Age: 9 years old

Subject: Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Technology: Augmented Reality

Learning Environment: Blended Learning (eLearning and traditional learning)
How to use AR 3D pop-up book
Objectives were to demystify
1) a convergence of Augmented Reality (AR) technology as an educational multimedia with instructional design principles
2) a divergence of learning outcomes and findings based upon the utilization of Augmented Reality 3D pop-up book, namely The Seed Shooting Game.
Demonstrate AR technology that underpin this research
1) the achievement test,
2) the exercise sheet
3) the satisfaction evaluation form and
4) The Seed Shooting Game AR 3D pop-up book.
The Achievement Test
The Exercise Sheet
a set of 30 items,
24 items being filling in blank questions
6 items of 3-option-multiple-choice questions.
The Satisfaction Evaluation Form
a set of 7 items of 5-rating-scale questions
an Alpha reliability coefficient of 0.76.

Events of Instruction for AR 3D Pop-up Book
The Seed Shooting Game
Dr. Poonsri Vate-U-Lan
Learning objectives
1) understand where to put quotation marks,
2) demonstrate an understanding about the story,
3) place the events in chronological order correctly,
4) match pictures with the vocabulary correctly, and
5) use the vocabulary of prepositions to describe the image.
Results of Satisfaction Scale towards AR 3D Pop-up Book
Research Methodology
Crucially, this research found a statistically significant relationship at 0.05 level between students’ achievement scores and study motivation using bivariate correlations of Pearson.
Participants: 37 students (20 male and 17 female students) Steps
1) Pre-test
2) while complete exercise sheet while studying
3) Post-test and
4) A satisfaction evaluation scale
Pre-test Score (34.16 %) and post-test score (87.78 %)
1) Informing learners of the objective,
2) Stimulating recall of prior learning,
3) Presenting the stimulus,
4) Providing learning guidance,
5) Eliciting performance,
6) Providing feedback,
7) Assessing performance, and
8) Enhancing retention and transfer
Participants’ internal mental processes
Thank you for your attention!
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