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Black Sunday

No description

Gene Monahan

on 6 April 2016

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Transcript of Black Sunday

Black Sunday
On April 14, 1935, a black cloud of dust rose over the southern plains. It scared many people, some even thought it was there doom.
This caused many deaths for anything standing in its way. It also caused many people to seek shelter. There signs that were saying that Black Sunday could come again.
After continued
Many people left the mid-western states after black Friday, because they thought it was there doom........
After Black Sunday any crops were dead, most animals, and some people. It was hard to find shelter if your were driving, because the dust could slip though any cracks, including car windows.
Black Sunday
By: Doc Roulette
Credits: Prezi, Ben Sound, and Google Images
Now many people have forgot about Black Friday many people left the Southern plains to California.
Black Sunday
As far as we know Black Sunday has only happened a few times.....
OR HAS IT..........
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