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Land Policy

How the Articles of Confederation play a role within the Land Policy.

Aide Lugardo

on 26 September 2012

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Transcript of Land Policy

Land Policy The region north Ohio River and the west of the Appalachian Mountains
had overlapping land claims. Under the Articles of Confederation, * Land became public domain, owned and administered by National Government

THIS DOES NOT included within the boundaries of the
13 original states. * Congress declared that they would NOT treat the Western States as dependent colonies. In 1779, - INSTEAD....... They decided to make them into 'Republican States' Basically, make them equal to other states Due to the Land Ordinance that Jefferson wrote
in 1784, The Confederation Congress set out fourth three
major ordinance for the develop of West Between 1784 and 1787 These documents, set precedents that the U.S would follow in its expansions all the way to the Pacific. Precedents: an earlier event that is regard as an example or guide to considered in subsequent similar cases. It said, Once population was equal to the smallest existing state,
the territory would achieve full statehood. The status of being a state of the US However, in Townships the Congress could only get a certain amount of money so that the land can support schools.
since public schools were RARE! Any Indian titles,the Northwest, was to be surveyed and converted into 6mi squared township. A year later, The Land Ordinance of 1785, The delegates outline a plan of land surveys and sales -Which eventually,

stamp a rectangular pattern on much of the nation's surface

a rectilinear grid that is visible from the air in many parts of the country today. Why? Each township is to be divided into
36 lots that are 640 acres Those 640 acres are to be sold to the
auctions for NO LESS than $1per acre
Which gives a total
$640 Later Years,new land laws would make smaller plots available at lower prices. In 1785, Congress was face with an empty Treasury and delegates believed that this system would raise the funds more efficiently. Who did it favored?
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