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No description

kelly laws

on 8 October 2014

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Transcript of EPQ

Antoni Gaudi
Choosing A topic
I chose to make a mosaic as it is something which I've wanted to do for a long time.
I thought about basing my mosaic on either Roman mosaics or the works of Antoni Gaudi.
I chose to research Antoni Gaudi as I find his work more interesting and appealing.
Project outline
Thorough research
Time management
Mosaic is clearly related to work of Gaudi
Use of materials
similarity of technique
What I Learnt
decision making skills - making changes or additions.
problem solving skills - making changes.
time management.
project management - importance of planning and organisation.
Research skills - how to access a range of sources, reliability of sources, how to reference.
To research the work of Antoni Gaudi and create a mosaic based upon his work.
online journals
online articles
online magazine articles
online newspaper articles
Research Gaudi's life
brief information on Barcelona during the period in which Gaudi was living and working there
The art Nouveau movement and Gaudi's involvement
how his work was received by critics and the public
his influences
Similar architects working at the same time
research on park guell
research on Casa Batllo
Techniques/materials used by Gaudi
how to make a mosaic
Design ideas
colour variations
Small practice mosaic
a diary of the process of making my mosaic
Methods of research
Mosaic used in Catalan architecture
Reuses broken shards of ceramics and glass
Gaudi decorates his architecture by creating patterns using trencadis
Trencadis is used throughout park guell
the entrepreneur Eusebi guell commissioned Gaudi to create park guell.
Based upon English city gardens.
The plan to sell off individual plots failed and the park was bought by made a municipal park in 1926.
Casa Batllo
Avoids using straight lines
trencadis covering whole front facade
roof terrace also covered in decorative trencadis
how to make a mosaic
Draw out plan on base board
smash tiles into smaller pieces
lay pieces out on base board then PVA them in place
mix up grout
smother mosaic with grout
wipe off excess grout
leave to dry
polish up tiles
paint edges of base board
things i would do differently
smaller gaps between tile pieces to make bolder pattern
look at other works by Gaudi to widen research
Accessing sources
Hartley Library - Southampton university
Sutton Library
Ewell Library
National Art Library
British architectural library
My research
Park Guell
Casa Batllo
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