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TEDxUCSD Volunteer Orientation

No description

Christina Kim

on 15 April 2013

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Transcript of TEDxUCSD Volunteer Orientation

Our Mission TED & TEDx Our Event Our Speakers Volunteer Orientation Sunday, April 14 + What is the difference between TED & TEDx? TED & TEDx TED
nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading
local, self-organized events
TEDTalks video and live speakers are chosen by our team
Nominated by board
Nominated by UCSD community
Student Speaker Auditions were held in Winter Quarter (3 selected)
x = independently organized event TEDx Rules Event must be multidisciplinary
Speakers must be from several disciplines
Format is suite of short talks on wide range of topics that foster learning, inspiration and wonder
Talks cannot exceed 18 minutes
No break-out sessions, no keynote, no podium
Speakers cannot be paid
Sponsors cannot be speakers and speakers cannot be sponsors
Speakers cannot sell products, promote themselves, or businesses
All talks will be featured on TED website and youtube Bring together leading thinkers and doers to share ideas that matter in and to any discipline – technology, entertainment, design, science, humanities, business, development, and much more
Inspire people to change their lives, their futures and ultimately their world.
Aim to engage, inspire, and celebrate all generations of the UCSD family The Team Founded by group of undergraduates (and one graduate) students
Different academic and social backgrounds
Common goals:
Improve the world
Become social innovators and leaders
Inspire others to take action for social change TEDxUCSD Event First Annual TEDxUCSD Conference Date: May 11th, Saturday
Time: 9AM - 4:30PM
Location: Qualcomm Hall Our Theme Innovation & Tradition Innovation = addition or change to something established
Tradition = belief, behavior, or object passed down within a society, still maintained in present or with origins in the past Innovation + Tradition = Spectrum of Change Event Timeline 9AM-10AM - Registration & Seating
10AM - Start Event
10AM-11:30AM - First Session
Welcome by Curators & Chancellor, Welcome Video, 6 talks
11:30-12:30PM - Lunch Break
12:30PM-2PM - Second Session (6 talks)
2PM-3PM - Break #2
3PM- 4:30PM - Third Session (6 talks) 1. Jamie Alexandre, PhD Student, Cognitive Science
2. Adah Almutairi, Nanomedicine Research
3. Roger Bingham, Director of The Science Network
4. Shawn Carlson, Physicist and Science Innovator
5. Todd Coleman, Bioengineering Professor
6. Kathryn Furby, PhD Student, Biology
7. Pablos Holman, Futurist
8. Guy Kawasaki, Author and Enchanter
9. Tim Lee, Biologist-turned-comedian
10. Seth Lerer, Dean of Arts and Humanities
11. Albert Lin, National Geographic Explorer
12. Stephen Mayfield, Director, SD Center for Algae Biotechnology
13. Michael Meyer, Partner at Essential
14. Catherine Mohr, Robotic Microsurgeon
15. Inanc Ortac, PhD Student, Electrical Engineering
16. Camille Saltman, President at MD Revolution
17. Peter Samuelson, Prosocial Entrepreneur
18. Cris Valerio, IDEO.org fellow
19. Victor Wilson, ETA4 & Social Entrepreneur Volunteer Expectations
& Tasks General Expectations Attendance required for final logistics meeting before TEDxUCSD Event
Knowledge of speakers & event timeline
Knowledge of Qualcomm layout
Attendance required on May 11th from 8AM-6PM WE LOVE TED
AND YOU MUST LOVE TED TOO! Tasks - Before Event Registration - 6 people + 1 board member
checking off names, collecting tickets, distributing name tags, etc
Parking - 2 people
direct cars, answer parking questions
Bus Pick-up & Drop-off - 2 people + 1 Board member
Two people at UCSD campus organizing lines and directing people into buses
Coffee & Bagel - 1 person + 1 board member
refill coffee, bagels when necessary
Ushers - 6 people
start at 9:45AM
direct people into seats, make sure people do not sit in reserved areas, escort sponsors and speakers to seats or green room

Total: 14 people Session 1 & Lunch Tasks Late Registration - 2 people
late audience could enter during curator welcome and director introduction
afterwards, they will only be able to enter into auditorium during transition period
Ushers - 6 people
when session ends, direct audience to foyer for lunch
usher people back into hall after lunch period
Bouncers - 2 people
know who All-Access people are like speakers and sponsors
Lunch Prep & Distribution - 6 people
12-1PM lunch break
collect vouchers for lunch boxes, hand out lunch boxes (~500 people) Session 2/3 & End of Event Tasks Ushers - 7 people
usher people back into seats after second break
usher people out of hall after end of event
direct people who are staying for dinner to foyer
Coffee & Bagel - 2 people
refill snacks throughout break
Bus Drop-off - 2 people
organize lines for buses and direct people into buses TEDxUCSD
the organization WELCOME TO
THE TEDXUCSD FAMILY! ICE-BREAKER Get to know your neighbor

1) Ask the person to your right, "How did you find out about TEDxUCSD or TED and why did you want to volunteer?

2) Ask the person to your left, "If you could do a TED Talk, what would be your 'idea to spread'?"
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